The Person Who Inspires Me the Most.

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So I get this phone call from the school yesterday. You know how you start having a heart attack when the school calls? Because they are never calling you with particularly wonderful news. More like your kid has earn a one way ticket to juvenile hall, or that you have forgotten to sign an excursion note and the whole bus is waiting for me to give someone permission to walk around a field looking at wetlands somewhere?

Or there is blood involved?

I think when you see the school number flash up on the phone and answer it, the first thing that the person should say is “Hi it is xxxx here from xxx AND YOUR KID IS FINE, EVERYTHING IS FINE!”

It would just save a minor heart attack, just saying…

So, I get this phone call from school yesterday telling me that number one son had forgotten to bring in his speech, and could I just pop up to school with it. FORCING ME TO ABANDON A DEDICATED SOFT PANT DAY. So I located the speech (pictured) and took it up to school, where, later he told me, he delivered it in a deplorable way.

I told him not to worry, although it is great that Jenko was so inspiring, maybe he could be inspired to sort out his spelling a bit. But knot from me. I am crap at it.

And just quietly, he is inspired by someone born in 1988? Fuck I’m old.

So of course it got me thinking. Who inspires me? Well mainly people who I know in real life. Mates who are battling dragons in their own way, and winning. Single Mums with no support. Renegade business chicks taking a chance. People with strong, intelligent opinions who are making a difference.

My mate Mrs Goodman inspires me with her wisdom and uncanny knack for knowledge. Can you believe she got this cryptic puzzle last night at Trivia in less than 2 seconds?


A song from the 90’s. You get it?

 People like this inspire me. And people like this.

I can appreciate that many celebrities are held up as people we should find inspirational, but there are very few that I think fit that bill. Mainly because they are just getting about their day, doing their job. They might be magnificent actors, or be supermodels or perhaps singers. Gifted in an area, and getting paid to do it.

And while I can appreciate that Jennifer Hawkins is insanely beautiful, I don’t find her inspiring, apart from her will-power not to shove her face into a cheesecake.

Maybe I am just a 40 something, average person of average intelligence and below average singing abilities. But when it comes to people who inspire me, give me a real story any day.

So over to you.

Who do you find truly inspiring?

Is it someone in your life?