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Missed, and loved. Every single day. Beautiful girl.

It is hard to try and explain depression to anyone who has not been touched by it in some way. I was speaking to my friend about my own personal struggle with anxiety and depression a while ago, and she told me with all uncertain terms that it “Was all in my mind….”

Well no shit Shirley! Talk about stating the obvious.

I have travelled to some fairly low points over the past decade and with the help of family and friends, have each time climbed back into the saddle of life. I was sick of hiding it. It was just far too fucking exhausting. So I now see the signs of when I start to slide, and make the changes I need to reboot.

Oh if is was all that simple Mrs Woog….

The truth is it isn’t.

According to the World Health Organisation, Robin Williams is just one of 3000 who will comitt suicide today.

The strongest trigger for suicide is depression.

Right now, depression is the number one disability in the world.

The numbers are not good. But I believe for every person who stands up and shares their story, together we will lesson the stigma that is attached to mental health issues.

Over the years I have had readers who have reached out to me, from really bad, scary, dark places. And my advice is always the same… well almost always. I take it very seriously. So many people are suffering in silence and it just does not have to be that way.

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“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” – Robin Williams

Start the conversation. Start the conversation. Start the conversation.