Taking a dump.

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A brain dump that is. It is the sort of blog post that you write when you have a lot of little things to say, so you lump it under one big umbrella and send it out into the cyber world.

Let us begin.

Did you watch the show last night on meditation? It was on SBS at 8.30. It was about the benefits of meditation. I know a lot of people are skeptical and I know this because I used to be one, but meditation is a lifesaver if you want to carry less stress around in your mind. I have been at it for a year. If you have no idea where to start, click here. Just do it, ok?

What else…

Of yes. I have been concerned about Fooey Fooey Moi Moi since the departure of his dear father last week. He suffers from blindness (a genetic throwback) and I have been researching guinea pigs and how to make them happier. Truth is, g-pigs are not a solo creature and thrive best in a herd. I had heard on the mean streets of our North Shore suburb, that in the past holidays the school guinea pig’s mate escaped, last seen cantering to Country Road at ChatsWoog Chase to buy a white skivvy.

So I called the principal and churned out a marketing pitch that even surprised myself! So convincing was I that as soon as the remaining school guinea pig recovers from a fungal infection, (must have not been wearing thongs in the gym shower)  Fooey Fooey Moi Moi, Pig of Magnificence, will see out his days at the school farm. I am not sad as I said I will have them during the school holidays. So it is a win win!

There was also much excitement in the school yard yesterday as a wallaby bounded around and a possum was rescue by WIRES. I asked the Principal in the playground whether indeed, he was turning the school into a wildlife farm.

The reason I was at the school was because just on the bell, Jack took a spectacular pavement hug and had a big bump on his head, so I went to do an assessment. He came home for a bit, got bored and so I took him back to school. Because I am a sucker but I hate to think kids in distress.

Which brings me to this. The more I read about the treatment of kids on Nauru and Christmas Island, the more I set my self thermostat to boiling point. This by Mark Copland in The Chronicle this morning. Taking away a kids hearing aid? Sexual abuse? Self harming?

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What the fuck people? THE FUCK? Morrison, you are on my shit list. And if you are one of the 60% of Australians that agree with him, form an orderly line as you too, are ON THE LIST as well..

A varied brain dump today.

What does yours look like?