Telstra Faults and Services

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One of the many misconceptions when you work as a blogger, is that people think you know a lot about computers. This, in my case at least, could not be further from the truth. In fact, I have manage to astound many  clients and fellow bloggers with my complete lack of technical skills. I write the words on the page, and that is it.

Yesterday I realised that I was going to have to do something computery and scary. You see my beloved Mac was running slower than a one-legged dog and I knew that this issue had to be resolved. So I hand-balled it over to Mr Woog as he sat in his city office. He in turn, batted it straight back to me.

So I took a couple of tranquillisers and put in a call to Telstra who provides our internet. After answering their initial questions, I was put on hold, but here is the thing.


I thought I had been cut off, and so I hung up. I did this a few times, before just putting the phone on speaker and getting on with my day. An hour later I heard a voice.

SUCCESS! I was bounced around from one division to another until I found myself on the phone to William in the Philippines. Well dang, if he was not the most pleasant CAN DO fella I have met in a while then I don’t know who is.  And get this, he could actually get inside my computer and undo all the things that I had done to make my computer run so badly.

He might have even been a tad flirty, if I could be honest, as we chatted away about whether or not I had had breakfast yet. We finished our date conversation with him informing me that my modem was basically obsolete and that I should upgrade it, preferably yesterday. I thanked him for his time and he asked me to stay on the line to complete a short survey regarding the experience I had with him.

I rated him a 9 across the board. Because no one is ever a 10.

Fast forward an hour, and I presented myself at the Telstra shop and put forward my request for a Netgear Modem for a cable service. The man looked at me and told me in no uncertain terms that I should go to Dick Smith across the way, and they would be able to provide me with one. I thanked him and walked across the way to Dick Smiths where I found what I thought I needed and went to the counter.

The man at Dick Smith rolled his eyes and berated the Telstra man, telling me that the modem I had in my hands was for an ADSL thingy and I had cable so it wouldn’t work and the Telstra man should have known this.

I went back to the Telstra shop and found a new customer service man and explained the entire situation. He agreed that Dick Smith was NOT the place to go. He showed me the two modems that they had, one was not suitable because it was the mysterious ADSL thing, and the other one was the one I needed. I BEAMED AT HIM AND SAID “I WILL TAKE IT GOOD SIR!”

But then he told me that they didn’t keep them instore, and handed me a number to call so I could order one.

And that is what I will be doing today, Waiting for Telstra. Who knows? Maybe it will be William who will answer the phone.

Is this the start of a beautiful friendship?

Lets talk about customer service.

What is the best example of customer service you have encountered.

Name the company and share the good times!