Why I won’t drink Kale + Win an iPad Mini!

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What is Energy?


Well when I ask myself that question, my first thought is that energy is the thing that leaves my body each afternoon at exactly 2.30pm. I slump. Big time. It is treated with a big cup of coffee and quite often is accompanied by an hour of power napping on the couch.

I find it important to refuel the old bod, to deal with the afternoon feral time of homework, ballet classes, and rugby practice or for just hosting the neighborhood kids who declare that our trampoline is the best in the hood.

Sure, I could concoct some sort of leafy vegetable/coconutty/kale smoothie, but if I can be totally honest with you, I find that they taste like dirt and no, you cannot convince me otherwise.

A few weeks ago we travelled to Canberra and before we hit the capital, we drove past a field of wind turbines, doing their thing. Which appeared to be spinning. Of course the kids asked the question.

“Why are they doing it?”

“To make energy.” I replied.

“How?” they enquired….

Me… “Ask your father…”

So Mr. Woog went onto describe how energy was made, while I continued to listen to my podcast about something less brain straining.

To be honest, explaining some things to kids is difficult. Like where exactly DID they come from? Or why is the grass green. What is up with clouds? How does the television work? What is Wi-Fi? And my all-time personal favourite from a few years ago.

“Why is the sky?”

Nothing else. Just why is the sky…

And sometimes I say, “Because it just is.”

It is no surprise to any parents that kids are inquisitive creatures. I often, particularly in the car, get question after question after question. I patiently answer what I can, before activating the shield of silence.

So I was happy, nay delighted when Origin Energy recently kicked off their road show, visiting schools in Victoria, NSW, QLD and the ACT, and are all set up to explain everything about energy in a fun, hands on way.

Called Energy Made Fresh in Schools, the team will take kids through 4 stations in an attempt to make their own energy. The will use bikes, dancing and exercising as well as their brains, to light up things showing a direct connection between movement, and energy.

The energy will be measured and calculated, with half of the cost of the energy they make going back to the school, while the other half will be given to a local community organisation. SCORE!

Why is Origin Energy spending so much energy on energy education? Because they have been doing so for yonks.

This year marks the 11th year that Origin Energy has worked in schools, educating kids about energy in a fun, interesting and interactive way. It is free for schools to sign up. 40% of Australian Primary Schools already use Origins Energy Program, making theirs one of the most successful in the country.

You can find out more about their Origin Energy’s Schools program here: www.originenergy.com.au/energyforschools. Make sure your kids get along to the Energy Made Fresh in Schools Program, so they can explain to you how it all works. And then you can explain it all to me.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 8.05.53 am

Together with Origin Energy, I am giving away an iPad Mini, so you can correctly answer all the questions that your kids fling at you. Or watch Orange is the New Black in bed, like I do. Where has that show been all my life?

To enter, simply answer this question in 25 words or less in the comments section.

What is the strangest, left-of-centre out-of-the blue question your kid has ever asked you?

Winner will be selected and revealed here on WoogsWorld on Monday 28th August.



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