Woogs on the Move – Snowy Mountains NSW

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I have been fortunate enough to have spent some time down at Thredbo Village, having a good ole ski. My relationship with the snow is long. As a kid, I spent a lot of time on the slopes but have not really skied since the kids came along. I kind of lost my confidence over the years.

The problem was that I am married to a mad skier, but I would black ball any suggestions of going to the snow, because I thought I would be bored.

But when Destination NSW asked me to come down and check out life in the village, with the promise that there is something for everyone on the Snowy Mountains, well it was a bit of a no brainer, plus Mr. Woog quickly cancelled any plans and was as excited as a puppy. A puppy on skis.

Having taken the well-known path to the Snowy Mountains, I told myself that I am a skier, stuck on a set and hit the slopes. It was a very big deal for me. But I soon discovered it is much like riding a horse. And down the slopes I went.


I used muscles that have lain dormant for a decade. I later walked around, my body wracked in spasms but I had never felt better for some strange reason. It was a combination of facing a fear, feeling both exhilarated and free, earning that big plate of goulash at the end of the day and banking up hours of well earned rest each night.

It turns out, I can still ski!

And I am a very good après skier as well.


I have had time to re-evaluate my relationship with the ski-fields and holidays. Now normally I am one for a beach, a resort and a pool but I must say, that I think a ski holiday may just be the best family holiday one can have…

*The crowd falls silent… What is she talking about…. *

Ok, big call I know but here me out. These are the reasons that I think you should consider visiting the Snowy Mountains this season.

“This is as good as it gets…” That is the sentence that Mr. Woog started each day with as he surveyed the snow, wrapped in sunshine. This ski season is hotly debated on the slopes as either being the best season in ten years, and then there are many who suggest that they have not seen snow like it since 1981. Either way, it is falling buckets and it is predicted that the season will be very long.

It is a great, physical activity to do with your family. I would even stretch to use the world wholesome. We did a mix of skiing together and having group lessons. It was quite funny to see teeny tiny kids whipping down the mountain as if they have been doing it every day. The younger you can get your kids on skis, the better. My instructor Georgia was a saintly patient person. Get lessons. Well worth the investment and they teach you how to fall with grace.

It is easy. Thredbo have all systems running to make sure that your holiday goes as smoothly as possible. At first glance you see large lines wherever you go, particularly as the snow is so good and people are pouring in the enjoy it. But they seem to specialise in churning though queues, whether it be at the ski-hire centre, lifts or bars. Lessons are fantastic and the kids loved going every day.


Everyone is catered for. Babies and toddlers can be cared for by qualified childcare experts at the Childcare Centre. Kids from 3-6 can spend their days at Thredboland where they will ski and play all day. 7-14 year olds take part in the Freeriders program.

Après ski action is very appealing to me. Nothing nicer than gathering around a fire pit with a glass of something warm, spicy and strong in your hand as you meet new mates standing in the snow. It is a universally social pursuit, of which I am fully prepared to participate in.

My kids eventually asked me to stop speaking to everyone, but how else do you get to find out about the nuggets of goodness from other people?

Such as how Tineka is the best masseuse on the mountain.

Or that you need to get yourself a good vantage point to watch the Flare Run and fireworks every Saturday night.

How else would we have found out about the new Snow Play Area that has just opened for toboggan, snow tube and DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN?

We might have missed out on tackling Mission Inflatable, a huge inflatable with water slides in the Leisure Centre.

I would never, ever have known that the best coffee could be found at the bakery.

That Cascades Bar and Grill had a special Après Afternoons where you can have a wine and cheese, while enjoying the most breathtaking view of the mountain. I would never have known if I had not asked Emma while eating pizza at the T-Bar.


How else would I be able to find out these things, and pass on the good stuff?

If you are thinking of heading to the Snowy Mountains, I must tell you that this season is the time to go. You can click here to find packages and special deals in the Snowy Mountains.

What about you?
Are you a ski-tragic?
Did you get there this season yet?
Tell me your tips!