My 3 Favourite Loyalty Cards

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The other day I was waiting at the doctors surgery when I decided to do an inventory on my wallet. You know what I mean right? You go through each compartment and chuck out a whole heap of shit that you don’t need.

Do you know what was the thing that lightened the load in my wallet?

Loyalty Cards. I would have had about twelve, from coffee places that I might have visited once on the other side of town. 2 Smiggle ones. A Bakers Delight one.  In fact I think that any store I had been into over the past 12 months and the offer was put forward to be a part of their loyalty program, I said yes!

Now the thing about Loyalty Cards, is this. The company ain’t doing you any favours really. They are using the piss-ant discount of giving you a ten dollar voucher for every thousand dollars you spend to gain an insight into you and your spending habits, and direct market to you accordingly. Myer One would have to be the worst offender. If you have it, bin it right now. Spend over $6000 dollars a year and we will give you a $20 Gift Certificate and send you a free copy of our magazine, which features things you can buy in our shop? PFFFFT! Tracking our spending is at the heart of most loyalty programs if it is run electronically. (Not the punch-type card and get the 12th one free)

So I have given it some very good thought and there are a few loyalty cards that I actually think give the customer something back.

Please note that this is not sponsored in ANYWAY!

Woolworths Everyday Rewards

I hate grocery shopping but it needs to be done. I order once a week online and have it delivered. The thing that I like about this program is that it is linked to my Frequent Flyer card. So I figure, when I am buying bog roll or other such mundane necessities, I am adding to my points. And I love my points! But more on that later. You also get discounts on grocery items automatically and and course, the fuel discounts. Lets face it, supermarkets would have to be the most competitive industry around, and although I do shop locally for my fresh produce, this loyalty program has made the difference to where I choose to shop. It is also linked to Big W and the booze shop BWS, although I don’t shop there as I am loyal to Dan Murphy and his excellent prices.

Click here for more info.

Country Road VIP

Another company who really rewards their customers. They are also very playful and accessible on social media.  Make a purchase at a Country Road and they will ask if you are a member. If you are not a member, please join! If you shop there a bit, as I tend to do, you will qualify for the famous SPEND AND SAVE, Sale previews and special offers, gift wrapping and other nice touches. Of course the in-store experience varies, (both Chatswood stores are fabulous but avoid Mosman, unless you like being looked at by ladies who think you have trod in dog shit) but their loyalty program actually works for you, not the other way around.

Click here for more info.

Qantas Frequent Flyer

Easily my favourite! Because of my Woolworths Everyday Reward card, I currently have enough points to fly return business class to Bahrain, should I feel the urge. All from buying bog roll! I have been a part of this program since May 06 (so says my card). I use the points to fly when I go away. I tend to stick to Qantas as I cannot stand the shitfight at the other terminal and my luggage has never been lost.

I recall one year when we were particularly poor, I actually bought everyone’s Christmas Presents in the Frequent Flyer Gift Shop. More recently they have teamed up with some excellent retailers as well, so you can earn points if you shop there.

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Click here for more info (it does cost you to join, but keep your eyes peeled as they sometimes have a free joining period. This is when I POUNCED!) Alternatively if you sign up for the Everday Rewards Card, you can join for free.

Highly Recommended – Priceline Sisters Club.

Get a point for every dollar you spend and at the end of each quarter, they will send you a gift card. Plus they are forever giving away movie tickets, magazine subscriptions, you know… rewards for loyalty? That would be it! Click here to join online.

So now over to you.

What are your  favourite loyalty programs. Because sharing is caring ok?