Of Amal, Julia Morris, Crushed garlic broken toes and MORE!

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So Amal finally found someone she thought she liked enough to marry. And marry they did in Venice this weekend. No photos just yet, but it is believed that Vogue will publish them, in return for a huge donation to her charity of choice.

Did I mention that my Huffy Puffy Trainer Mrs Spark’s very close mate is her sister? That practically makes me related I think.

In other news….

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Lucas Callaghan turned up on Friday and surprised Horatio with his brand new/old bike! He was so chuffed. He wanted to keep it in his bedroom. An original 1988 BMX Mongoose, loving restored by Wooly’s Wheels.┬áHoratio thought it was the best day of his life! So a big thank you to Lucas and the Staff at Woolys. You are all amazing.

We are up at Jabba, administering sunshine and Frosty Fruits this week. Hello Spring! Its nice to see you!

...like you just don't care...

…like you just don’t care…

Chuy is having a great time impersonating a guard dog…



I kind of insist that you watch this….

In other news, I had my first commissioned piece go up on news.com.au You can click here to read it. If you want…. or not. WHATEVS.*

(*says whatevs. Officially a loser)


(*uses emoticon… confirm loser status….)

Oh Oh! And finally I was as pleased as PUNCH when the funniest lady in Australia share with me her #comfywomfy photo! I seriously would almost turn for her….

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Also, I dropped a jar of crushed garlic on my big toe, and it hurt like a bitch. Oh and if I have to watch one more game of Footy this weekend, I just might cry.

What have you been up to?