Buying a lemon.

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No, not wandering into the fruit and veg shop and inspecting yellow citrus fruits. A different type of lemon.

Something that you pin your hopes on to give you life changing results, and it lets you down. Disappoints you in a way that leaves you annoyed and frustrated.

Sometimes, when you are a blogger, companies will send you things for you to try out, and hopefully if you like it enough, you will write about it. In the past I have received all manner of things, such as small puts of stock, flavour straws in interesting variations such as buttered popcorn (gag), coffee machines and once, a fancy-ass toaster that had glass sides, so you could actually see the toast burning.

But that expensive toaster was a lemon, and despite connecting it to electricity, it refused to spring to life and, well… toast. The PR company was up my ass, nagging me to write about it. I told them it didn’t work. So they sent me another one, that also, didn’t work. A couple of lemons.

I have this theory. The more expensive the small appliance, the more temperamental it is likely to be. True story!

My latest lemon purchase was made a few months ago, and died yesterday.

I was at The Avoca Markets when I came across two of the most lovely, healthy looking specimens of humans ever. They had a table set up and invited me to come and smell some oils. Which I did, because I am a gullible sucker for alternative therapies. They explained that, because of the range of oils that they use, they never had to take medicines or seek medical attention again! I believed them of course, because I am gullible. They did a fantastic sales job on me. I purchased some oils and an expensive diffuser. Mr Woog found me later and asked what I was carrying.

I told him about my new journey into Aromatherapy, and he rolled his eyes so severely that I think I actually saw his brain.

Each evening I would turn on my diffuser and fall asleep, as lavender filled the air. But then I got the flu and had to mainline Codrals. But that is beside the point.

Last night, I flicked on the diffuser and… nothing. No little light springing to life. No magical vapour. Nothing.

So I gave it a small tap agains the dresser, as I believe this is the first think you do when something appears to have broken. Switched it back on. NOTHING.


Lemon. Right there. Talk about over-promising and under-delivering.

So I slept in regular air. To be honest, I woke up feeling the same. Tired and grumpy. So I am starting to think it was bullshit, all along.

What is the latest thing to break on you?

Have you ever bought a lemon?