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“I have never said I am a model, I have never pretended I was skinny. I do the best I can with what I’ve got and I work really hard at it because I have to…I’m sure a lot of women out there will agree with that because a lot of women probably have the same shape as me.”

Growing up I knew I wanted to be a writer. I even toyed with the idea of studying journalism. But fate took me on a different path. I did, however, study at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst. The place was teeming with Jana Wendt wannabes, and I have several mates who went on to do great things in the field.

Newspapers certainly ain’t what they used to be. The competition of online content, the speed and pace that it can be delivered and the quality, which is varied, means that it is available 24 hours, seven days a week.

Me? Total media junkie. I read and write and listen when I work. I see many great journos delivering unbiased content, thoughtfully researched stories and well backed up opinion pieces. Yet there is a special strand of columnists who now use their platform to cast their eye and deliver verdicts on personal choices and styles of celebrities.

I often wonder what their qualifications are?

Ms Sharp DID choose the pictures, after she put out the call for them.

“Looking for sam armytage looking scruffy/too casual/not sexy/bad for asap please — OK to go back and send older pics”

So what is the point of all of this?

Nothing. Nothing but being mean spirited and trying to make women feel shamed. In this case Samantha Armytage.

You wouldn’t  want to be famous for quids, would you? Imagine having to duck up the shops in a full face, knowing that someone could take your photo and sell it to the Telegraph, even 5 years later. Imagine kissing your soft pants goodbye forever! And your COMFY WOMFY jumper? Banished for eternity. I would be a MESS!

Sharp goes on to explain that her writing this article, she is actually “championing” women. Now, I am a woman, have half a brain so I used it to try to comprehend what she meant by this. But I failed.

Bizarrely, Annette Sharp wrote an article a few years ago, which began with…

“It’s a terrible thing to have to acknowledge but Australian women must urgently rethink the value we place on members of our own sex.”

So true, Annette. So true.

So let us know our support to Samantha Armytage, and all women that enjoy getting around in casual clothes while they run errands.

Upload a photo of yourself and share it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Tag it #comfywomfy and let’s put this sort of bullshit reporting back in its box.

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  • Nailed it Mrs Woog. Can’t remember the last time we focussed on Kochie’s image, clothing, hair, make up. Same show, same hosting gig.

  • Emily Furlong

    Love this…. Photo posted! Comfy and confident!

  • amanda

    Bloody Annette Sharp is a wasp. Typical of that grotty Daily Telegraph rag.
    I messaged Sam Armytage yesterday via Instagram and told her what an inspiration she is to other women and young girls – especially to those (like my daughter) who will end up going to the same school as Sam and I did. I hope she gets to hear her talk one day…………Go Sacre Coeur Sam!!!!!!

  • Pretty sad that a woman Annette’s age hasn’t learnt that dragging others down doesn’t make her better than them.

  • deb xo

    I love Sam Armytage, love, love, love her, she doesn’t take herself too seriously, she is succesful in her chosen career, she is gorgeous, her body rox…. this is the type of woman I want my girls to aspire to, I hope she never succumbs to the pressures that these women who sit behind their desks thinking they are better than everyone submits her too, the reality is they are only capitalising on their own fears, they know what they fear, so they use it to disadvantage other people, I’m sure Sam feels all of this but puts on a brave face to the world, I only hope there is enough outpouring of support for Sam and she knows she is the type of person the real world wants, not what the media portrays.

  • This is exactly why I rarely bother to read those glossy mags, or networked TV shows, it’s all about beauty and popularity contest. I’m also comfy womfy that’s half my problem, I need to try and make more effort NOT to be when in public not for anyone else but for me because I’m grateful that no one gives a crap how I look. You couldn’t pay me to be famous, NUP!

  • Sharon Jonsson

    Onya mrs woog. I doubt ms sharps motives (bitch and bully hiding behind “journalism”?) Sam rocks.

  • Sharni Montgomery

    Good stuff! I also went to CSU Bathurst to study Theatre Media but I wasn’t kooooky enough I don’t think so I did 2/3 years….. what year were you there? I was 98 99 ! I see lots of people do great things from there and often wish I finished the course instead of freaking out that I didn’t juggle on the lawn at lunchtime or have a mohawk!

  • Anecdotal Anna

    I had never heard of Annette Sharp until this tacky incident. Most likely I won’t hear of her again.

    • Maggie

      Ditto. Who is Annette Sharp?

  • mumabulous

    What? – I must have blinked and missed this whole episode. Meanwhile I’m rocking scuffed shoes and Mum jeans over here.

  • Jeanette

    Meh. That Sharp woman sounds like an unhappy lady.

  • Sharon Grimley

    Painting gear is de rigeur here today. And I wore it out in public. The style police can go get bent.

  • inajar

    WTF?? Love her or hate her (I am in the ‘love’ camp), Sam is a beautiful, engaging woman who speaks her mind and appears to have a brain! this smacks of grubby, desperate, attention seeking “journalism” on behalf of that Sharp woman. New low!

  • I love Sam, why does the media feel a need to bag out female journos? The men never get criticised for what they wear, you never hear, “oh he looks a but chubby in that suit today” I live in my ugg boots in the cooler months and I don’t care what anyone else thinks..it’s none of their business anyway! Although I’m sure many have offered an unrequested opinion or two.

  • It’s been bothering me too! As Sam said on Sunrise, she hopes to never become the girl who puts a full face on to run to the shops. Today I’m channelling bandaid chic after the glass shower door shattered on top of me.

  • Donna

    Sam is not my cup of tea but woman just need to stop criticising other woman. Just stop!

    Nobody had ever been raised higher by dragging others down.

    • chrisatpb

      Well said Donna!

  • I don’t understand people like Annette Sharp. I think they must do this type of thing because something awful is all up in their head or in their lives and they divert that pain, inflict it elsewhere to make themselves feel better.

  • People will always believe what they want to, whether it is fact or not.

  • I’d be willing to dismiss it based on the fact that it’s an article from the Tele, but then I realise people – including women – actually read that paper. WHY?????

  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    Women can be bloody mean spirited sometimes. Promote what you love instead of bashing what you don’t. Thank goodness Sam has a thick skin and called this woman out on her bad practices. Beauty comes from within…surely Annette Sharp has learnt this by now.

  • Well said Mrs Woog!
    Whenever I go for the completely natural look in public, I always get asked if I’m tired? Next time I get that question I know what I’m going to say……….. ‘nope I’m just comfy womfy!’

  • Brilliant. It was a ‘mean girl’ moment that’s for sure! I’m sure i won’t have any trouble finding a #comfywomfy photo of myself to upload 🙂

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I was disguted whAt they said about Sam she is a beautiful woman and I love #comfywomfy xx

  • Why is it that this kind of bullying is given air time? Why is it even news? It exacerbates and normalises something that is so detrimental to society that it is taking lives, beautiful lives, that deserved to feel safe, deserve to feel free to do and dress however they like. Go #comfywomfy.

  • Nicola Spencer

    Hmm what does that story have to do with Sam’s style???? Stupid journalistic behavior to beat up a story out of nothing…maybe we should be seeing photo’s, no matter how old, of Annette when she’s out and about!

  • Good lord I live in comfy womfy clothes! Ain’t nobody got time to look put together in this house! And by nobody I mean me x

  • Margie Rahmann

    #comfywomfy for PM!!

  • I spend possibly 70% of my time in huffy puffy clothes and they are certainly comfywomfy. We all look better with decent clothes and some slap on but who gives a shit I would prefer to have time for a cuppa than spend it looking glam for the shops!

  • Barf – I have been avoiding traditional media for years now, and this kind of attitude is one thing I have been pleased to avoid. I have chosen a comfy womfy life and have enough yoga pants now that I can wear them every day – sooooo soft and comfy mmmmmmm

  • I did the groceries this afternoon in trackies and an old tee, hair like I’d been dragged backwards through a hedge. As I left the house, I thought – god I hope I don’t run into anyone I know – and then dismissed it. I can’t imagine how well-known people deal with the constant attention and judgement, it must be exhausting and terribly hard to read negative things.

  • Oh, I especially love your work when you are taking bullies to task – you do it so well. My phone is busted right now so I am without selfie-taking technology *gasp*. Rest assured, when I am back in the land of the iPhone, I will be #comfywomfying my way all over the landscape. xxxx

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  • Poor old Sam, I love her, she’s smart, funny & gorgeous! Go #comfywomfy, shame Annette Sharp!!

  • Donna

    I love this Mrs Woog; I’m a long time devotee of the #comfywomfy look! Good on you for bringing passive aggressive bullies to task x

  • chrisatpb

    It’s not journalism Mrs Woog – it’s just plain bitchiness – stemming from jealousy maybe? She hides behind print- no cameras there. Must be a slow news week. I think most intelligent, thinking women can see through this crap. But you’re right to call her on it – well done Mrs Woog.

  • #fuckyeahcomfywomfy

  • Kylie Davo

    Well I am SHOCKED by the backstory despite the HIDEOUS warning. How bloody nasty! I wouldn’t swap with Sam A for quids. Uploading comfywomy pic in support right now. Well said Mrs Woog

  • Good on you missus, imagine the horror of anyone snapping and publishing photos of most of us… remember that poor radio girl crossing the road with her baby… I’d have given MANY opps to take my piccy doing something stoopid with a baby. Here’s to the last ugg-wearing days before summer. From your make-up free mate, Seana x

  • Mel

    What annoys me is his Annette Sharp idiot is actually getting press out of this whole this. What a complete idiot! I would be beside myself if I had to get out of my uggs to go to the shops!

  • Kathy www.yinyangmother.com

    A long time ago I was a *minor* celebrity on the Gold Coast as the presenter of the local news. I looked a darn site fresher than I do now but I could see people judging me in my ‘comfywoomfy’ weekend, grocery shopping attire (and lack of makeup). Just WHY! Poor Sam.