Have you ever met a famous person?

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Do you remember when you were a kid, and you ran into a teacher outside of school? Wasn’t it weird? You might have been doing the shopping with your Mum after Netball on a Saturday morning and there you spy her. Your teacher in the cleaning isle, buying staff to clean her house. SHE ACTUALLY HAD A HOUSE! In my mind they all lived at school.

“Hi Mrs White!”

She would smile, masking the fact that she cannot even go to the goddam supermarket in peace.

Seeing a famous person getting about their day is a little bit the same. Ian “Dicko” Dickson lives in my suburb and I often see him up at the shops. I stop and chat to him like we are old friends, even though he has no idea who I am. It is just that I have seen him on the tele so much and listened to him on the radio, that I chat away like we are old chums. He would totally relate to my old teacher, you know the one from the supermarket. But he too, chats away. He is a nice man. Taller than you would think.

I surveyed the family last night, and asked who they have met who was famous.

From the photo above, you can see who Jack has met. Horatio was stoked when he met Nathan Hindmarsh once. Also, a very lovely man. And Mr Woog was stuck. He hadn’t met anyone famous. Totally needs to get up to the shops more.

Me? A few.

I met/threw myself at Joanna Lumley once at an airport. We were both waiting for people to come off the same flight. I was, and still am, a massive fan. She was simply charming. She must get fan-girled all the time, but she was so nice and down to earth. Also tall.

Another notable was Martina Navratilova. I was overseas with my Mum and we were in a supermarket. Mum was getting confused about the different cuts of meat on offer, and so asked the lady standing next to her. Which was the great Martina. Not only did she guide mum into the correct cut for a slow braised casserole, she was so friendly, and charming to boot. Also….tall.

Famous people are just like you and me. Normal people who just want to go to the supermarket.

I also think if your name is Julia or Julia and you are famous, you must be a dead set legend. Through this little blog, I have met 3 of them. Gillard, Goodwin and Morris. Having spent time with each of them, it felt like I had known them forever. It seems that if you are famous, you must be professionally friendly. Apart from Bieber.

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I fully confess my love for this lady.

I have met two of my writing loves because I went to hear them speak and lined up to have them sign my books. Bill Bryson and Marian Keyes, if you are reading this (and of course I am dreaming here) thank you both for spelling my  name right! And in another thrilling turn of events, The Bloggess follows me on twitter! But then again, so does Clive Palmer…

But enough from me. How about you?

Who have you met who is famous?

What were they like?