“Would you like fries with that?”

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As a country, we consume, on average, takeaway 2.5 times a week. This is because we are all too exhausted from working such long hours and when we do eventually come home from working these longer and longer hours, we find we have no energy to prepare a simple meal.

So we turn to aps such as Menu Log to study the local gastronomical offerings from the safety of our couches. It is fairly evident that some food types lend themselves to being transported and consumed far easier than others. Take pizza for example, or perhaps Thai.

Fish and chips, not so much. Ditto Hamburgers.

You want it? They’ve got it. Including a new kid on the block.

Or maybe, not so new…

And yes, we are talking about the grand old dame of grease, the golden arches that have become synonymous with one of the world’s most recognizable brands. McDonalds.

The company was born in 1940 to parents Dick and Mac McDonald. The model was quickly franchised and was later sold to Ray Kroc in 1954 for the sum of $2.7 million dollars and grew it into the most successful and prolific fast food chain in the world.

The suburb of Yagoona was chosen as the site of the first McDonalds in Australia, and in 1971 the golden arches opened and was happily serving you either a hamburger or a cheeseburger, along with something mysterious called a French Fry. And of course, the popularity of the restaurant gave the green light to open up many new sites.

There are now more than 900 McDonalds, employing 90,000 people serving one million of us Aussies…. EVERY DAY.

Nearly 5% of Australians eat McDonalds every day.

And, why not? You can do whatever you like. No one has the right to tell you how to get your energy.

Me? Oh don’t get me wrong. There is a time and a place for most things, including a swing by Maccas on a long and irritating car trip with kids, or a sneaky cheeseburger when I might be suffering from the after effects on a rare night out on the tiles. But I would not say that McDonalds is a regular part of my diet. (Because after I eat it, I always feel worse.)

But today I want to discuss the continued pilfering of our landscape with the iconic Golden Arches. Just when you think their menu could not be more accessible, it has been announced that after a trial period, McDonald Home Delivery will start to roll out over the country.

Nutritionists across the nation are clutching the scales in horror at the very idea. But from a business model perspective it is a very clever ploy, as the company continues to remove any barriers to get their product into a very willing public.

McDonalds are not doing anything that we don’t want them to do. We are driving this demand. From a company spokesperson…

“Australians have enjoyed the convenience of restaurant home delivery for decades and our customers have often said they like the idea of [McDonald’s] delivery so we’re currently trialing it in a number of our restaurants. We will look to extend the service once these trials are completed.”

So there is no use jumping up and down because McDonalds are finding new avenues to peddle their wares. That is not why I have a problem with it and neither should you. After all, you make the choice to eat it or not.

The problem that I have with McDonalds Delivery is the possible impact that this may have on smaller businesses that, before now, had a more prominent presence when it comes to the local home delivery market.

With so many Australians choosing to eat McDonalds over other offerings, what will happen to the fantastic, multicultural foods that are on offer? There will be no real live person sitting on the till, taking your order by phone.

What will happen to Tony’s Pizzeria who has been serving you loyally and with a personal touch, for the past few years? You know him… he adds the extra fresh chili for you. Tony knows the name of your kids. You help him pay his bills in exchange for your dinner.

Or what about the home style Vietnamese Pho that you get when you just cannot be bothered to cook. The smack of fish sauce and coriander, that whacks you across the face as it presents itself under the cover of a plastic oblong lid. You can almost feel the love that has gone into deveining the prawns.

And lets not forget the fragrant pong of the vindaloo, as it is bought across your threshold with a complimentary side of riata and perhaps a cheeky 1.25 litre bottle of Lift, because you are such a good, loyal and valued customer.

But then what about that large brown bag of lukewarm McDonalds, fried and scattered with salt by some feckless 15 year old who just wants his shift to finish so he can go and watch the Games of Thrones with his hands down his pants..

At least you can just log in with your user name and password, tick off as much food until the total comes to the minimum order, which is $25, punch in your credit card and you are good to go!

I do not resent McDonalds for following up the demand for their products. But the crux of the issue is, if you feed the beast it will continue to grow.

And that is what I think about that.

Do you ever order takeaway? What is your favourite?

Have you tried McDonalds Delivery?