Pay it forward and don’t be a dick.

This morning I was in the kitchen making pancakes for the minions. Looking out onto the backward, positively basking in the sunshine, I started to think about a post I wanted to write around the topic of people being wonderful. In a time where we are all being weirded out by dreadful global going-ons, I wanted to pare it all back and look at random acts of kindness.

Then the phone rang. When there was NO ID, I thought it might have been the Today Show calling.

“I wake up with Today!” I said, so excited that I was going to be rich I tell you…. RICH!

But it wasn’t to be. It was a man with a strong Russian Accent asking me if he could book in an appointment today for a session of oral sex.

Talk about ruining my gratitude buzz!

Anyway, I have recovered.

Being nice to people is not hard (TAKE THAT RUDE RUSSIAN SEX MANIAC). Small things make a huge difference to others. I will always remember the acts of The Divine Ms M, who is very good at behaving in a wonderful way. Once, after a very sad funeral, we made out way to the Lithgow Workers Club for the wake. We entered the room and sat down. The Divine Ms M noticed that there was an elderly lady sitting by herself. She went over and asked her to join us. Old lady beamed with gratitude.A simple, simple thing that has stuck with me all these many years later.

My friend Eden is currently going through a really bad patch. Our lovely Beth has started a movement called #fucktober to help her through it. You can read about it here.  I got an email from a reader in Penzance, Cornwall. Lynette is a crafty type and shared with me what she had made for Eden.


I am not afraid to admit that I shed a little tear. Aren’t people are wonderful?

Random acts of kindness makes you feel good. It really does. Opening the door for someone, saying good morning to that person in the street, picking up the contents of someones spilled bag for them and giving your seat up for someone in need. It should just all be a part do the constitution if you ask me.

But there are also many dickheads that walk amongst us. One of them last week stole Horatio’s pushbike. And you know that a ten-year old needs a pushie hey, to go adventuring in the neighbourhood. Watching him walk around with his mates on their bikes has been very sad. So I did what I tend to do when I am pissed off.

I vent on social media.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 8.45.01 am

Which is probably a bit childish. Like chucking a grown up tantrum maybe. But I posted this days ago and had moved on until last night, when I got a message from Lucas Callaghan, star of Aussie Pickers.


He had found a retro 1988 Chrome Mongoose BMX and he wanted to give it to Horatio. For nothing. Paying it forward and all that. He shot through a photo and Mr Woog almost wet his pants! He had the same one back in the day.


When I showed Horatio the bike, he fell in love and said that we were going to get a bike lock because it was such a good bike. And he was beside himself that it had a celebrity story behind it. His mates were over, so Horatio did some photo-bragging. We will pick it up this week, and I have told Lucas that we will make a donation to the charity of his choice, because…. PAYING IT FORWARD PEOPLE!

My mate Veggie Mama swears by the mantra of “Don’t be a dick.” and it is so true. Being a dick is hard work. It is far more rewarding to be able to put a smile on someones face, even a stranger. Try it! Soak up the happiness that you get back.

By the way, what is the going rate for a blozza these days?

Seen any acts of good lately? Share!