Rocking Culottes.

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Culottes are not just unpleasant surprises one may get during one’s monthly menstrual cycle.

They are the name of a particularly practical garment, which has been banished to history, and one I cannot see returning without a vicious and relentless campaign to BRING BACK THE CULOTTES!

Culottes are a very rare sight nowadays and are favoured by religious cult members and cool try-hard folk who stumble across a pair in a Vinnie’s Bin in Surry Hills then team it with a Hello Kitty boob tube.

Simply put, culottes are what would happen if a skirt mated with a pair of trousers.

Culottes first burst onto the fashion scene in France during the 1500s when men pranced about proudly in their culottes.

Later, during the Victorian Era, women rejoiced in the freedom that culottes provided, enabling them to garden, ride bikes and swing upside down on tree branches without showing their lady bits.

But now culottes are back! My mate Angela Mollard announced it yesterday in the paper. She even went so far to suggest that if you were to don a culotte, no one will ever have sex with you again!

But I am of the opinion that you should wear whatever the hell you fancy, so lets have a look at a few pairs on the market at the moment…

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The least offensive pair I could find.

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No need to laugh. They are back in fashion! LEGIT!

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High end culottes. $999. I shit you not.

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When it comes to this trend, are you game?

Or, will you join me in running, screaming to the hills…