Taking Stock.


Today I am going to attempt a blogging challenge. The lovely Pip Lincoln from Meet Me At Mikes has set this challenge, named Taking Stock. It is about reflecting on stuff and digging a little deeper around your cerebral cortex.

Not sure how I will go because I have a short attention span *squirrel* but let’s crack on shall we?

Making : Irresponsible food decisions

Cooking : Up plans for a holiday

Drinking : Coffee coffee coffee coffee

Reading: Crap on the internet, bit I have ordered Crazy Rich Asians and I cannot wait to get stuck in. Hearing good things!

Wanting: To not be concerned about this terrorism stuff. It does nothing good for us who suffer from anxiety, let me tell you.

Looking: Like I have been dragged through the bush backwards. School holidays sees me drop my standards a bit. Morning face hangs around all day.

Playing: Along with Pip’s list

Deciding: What we should have for dinner even though it is only morning. I detest having to do this. Must get into the mysterious meal planning thing.

Wishing: The sun would come out.

Enjoying: The school holidays.

Waiting: For a parcel.

Liking: Good things that people are doing.

Wondering: How to get addicted to exercise.

Loving: The smell of jasmine around the garden.

Pondering: Some changes.

Considering: Botox. But then I see so many frozen foreheads that I change my mind.

Watching: Oh god, please do not judge. But I am addicted to The Bachelor. I don’t know why. He is a complete moron and the gals are all embarrassing.

Hoping: That the Bachelor will come out of the closet on the final episode. Not that I think he is gay or anything. It would just make for really good TV.

Marvelling: At how quickly my boobs are heading south. Are they actually having a race?

Needing: Not much to be honest. Lucky hey!

Smelling: Pretty rank soon. I am off to Huffy Puffy.

Wearing: My black Lorna Jane Pants Of Power!

Noticing: Grey hair and wrinkles.

Knowing: That I need to address the grey hair at some point.

Thinking: About chicken and leek pies in general.

Admiring: What the old ball and chain has done to transform the garden.

Sorting: socks.

Buying: Too many shoes.

Getting: towards the end of my tether about this list and realising that I am pretty boring.

Bookmarking: pages of Real Living magazine for things that I can not afford nor really need.

Disliking: All the hysteria over terrorism. And the amount of ads on TV. And mayonnaise.

Opening: Drawers to try and find hearing aid batteries.

Giggling: at Jacqui Lambie’s stupidity, but then I get concerned that she yields any power at all.

Feeling: alright. s’pose.

Snacking: On apples and BBQ shapes.

Coveting: This.

Wishing: For an endless summer and world peace.

Helping: myself by practising mindfulness when I remember.

Hearing: Nat reading the news on Sunrise and now hearing Tony Abbott talk about war.

There you go internet! That was me, taking stock of my current situation. Now it is your turn. Answer the following.