The Curse of the Fussy Eater.

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One of the biggest mysteries to me is the fact that my two kids have the same parents. There is absolutely NOTHING similar in them.


One reflects my sturdy, stocky Irish Potato farming heritage, while the other? Well we are just not sure. But it is what it is, and I love the fact that they are both growing up and following their own paths. Albeit with eye rolls at times.

As a baby, I likened Horatio to a starving little bird. As soon as I would feed him one spoonful, he would swallow it whole and scream for more. It would not matter what it was, he liked it.

It was not relaxing.

Meanwhile Jack seems to thrive on nothing much than thin air, and the occasional pick at something. It would (and still does) DRIVE ME MAD. I have been lucky to have a dietician as a mother –in-law to see me through many stressful situations.

We now eat a small, but important selection of veggies. I know that everything he eats has to have some sort of nutritional benefit, because he doesn’t eat much. The lunchbox often comes back with just 2 or 3 mouthfuls eaten. Again…. Hold me tight….

Does this happen to you as well? You get up and make a thoughtful sandwich, making sure the contents of said sandwich are carefully placed just so, only to find that it remains untouched because “THERE WAS A HANDBALL GAME ON…”

IN MY HOUSE (sounding like my mother) the rule is, if you don’t eat your sandwich at school, it becomes your afternoon tea. So that is what goes down here most afternoons. Sambos.

Look, I know in a perfect world I would supply a wide variety of lunchbox foods, such as mini frittatas, and roasted veggie salads, but I am just not that person. And I am never going to be. I am the sandwich mum… and even worse?

I make them with white bread.


I am an unapologetic white bread advocate, as I continue to fight the battles worth fighting. And this is not one of them.

As you know, the people at Wonder White sponsored this post, and they know that increasingly we are concerned about nutrition. But they also know that kids need to eat.

“ Based on our research, children’s health and nutrition is the biggest concern for Aussie mums with 85% struggling to get their kids to eat healthy foods.”

I am in that 85%, which is great to know that I am not alone when it comes to fussy eaters. They claim that Wonder White contains all the fibre of wholemeal, but in disguise.


Wonder White contains three different types of fibre, soluble, insoluble and resistant starch… which all sounds very impressive until I realized….

I don’t actually know what fibre even is! So I went a sleuthing and came up with 5 reasons why fibre is your friend.

• It fills you up.
• It makes your colon happy.
• It helps you poop.
• It slows down digestion.
• Back in the day it was known as ROUGHAGE and I remember my Nanna always banging on about ROUGHAGE.

So go forth and make your sandwiches with Wonder White bread if you wish, and save the battles for bigger issues. Like unpacking the dishwasher. And hanging up the towels.

Slays me. Every single day.

For more information about Wonder White, please click here. 

Do you have any fussy eaters at your place?

How do you cope?