What are you grateful for – Really?

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Lean in blog fans. I am going to confess something. This might reflect badly upon me so. I want it kept between you, me, the lamp post and the rest of Mrs Woog’s readership. Deep breath. Here goes.

I am grateful that the thirty days of gratitude quest on Facebook appears to have passed, much like constipation does eventually. Hopefully now this festivus of positivity is over so we can all default back to whining about First World issues. It’s much more fun.

If you have spent the past year under a non wifi connected rock, you may have missed the tag game where Facebookers were challenged to list three things they were grateful for every gosh darn day for an entire month. That’s 30 days with 90 things to be happy about per participant. We should all be totally ecstatic right?

You may beg to differ but I’m not generally a miserable sod. I don’t begrudge people their small joys. However nor do I need to see a laundry list of them on my daily news feed. What I find slightly irritating is the “high mindedness” of it all.

Of course people should be thankful for their health, their children’s laughter, their supportive friends and wonderful partners. These posters rarely admit to feeling gratitude towards things that are well – less than wholesome. In the interests of keeping it real, here’s an honest list of things that I am grateful for.

  • My seven year old’s honesty. (Let’s call her Princess #1 or P1) She’s come straight out and told us that she’s listening to our household conversations and repeating them verbatim to her classmates. Local year ones are now privy my husband’s opinions on such diverse topics as the NRL, the re-casting of Thor as a woman and the self-driving car. It is not in the school community’s interests to know about my thoughts regarding the P&C. I’m grateful that I know to keep my conversations clipped whenever P1 is in ear shot.


(P1’s depiction of the female Thor – she’s saying “There’s a sale at the mall”)

  • My nearly five year old daughter’s (P2’s) current obsession with all things La La Loopsy. It means there’s always something to bribe/threaten her with when she’s being non-cooperative. Given that she’s a pre-schooler this is just about all of the time.


  • I’m grateful for salted caramel. I don’t know what we did in the dim and distance past (the 1980s and 90s) before it was decreed by the food Gods that caramel have salt added.
  • I am extremely grateful for truth in advertising. This ice cream really does have a core of chocolate sauce.


(Look – a core promise fulfilled)

  • I’m grateful that there’s wine sitting in my fridge patiently waiting for Friday 5.01 pm to roll around.


  • I grateful for spirituality. Particularly I’m chuffed about the existence of Zen koans (philosophical riddles) which help keep my underutilised mind ticking. I could ponder the following conundrum for hours.

“If Michael Fassbender is alone in a forest and he takes off his shirt but no one sees him is it still smokin’ hawt? All I know is that it’s a darn waste.

  • I am grateful for my sense of humour. I get a kick out of making politically incorrect jokes at my husband’s expense – like this one;

Q: How many husbands does it take to change a toilet roll?

A: Nobody knows because it has never been attempted.*


(What’s wrong with this picture?)

  • I am grateful that P1 has inherited my sense of humour. Even at her tender age she has joined me in making politically incorrect jokes at my husband’s expense.

“Daddy thinks he is hilarious but he is really just a hairy arse”

  • I am grateful and relieved that my poor, long suffering husband not only puts up with us but continues to cook on weekends.


(Not only does Dadabulous cook – he garnishes like a boss)

  • Lastly I am thankful for the wonderful Catherine Rodie Blagg whose piece in the Sydney Morning Herald inspired this rant.


How about you Woogs Worlders? Facebook movements – Love them or loathe them?

What are you grateful for – really?



*My husband hates this joke because he actually has demonstrated his competency at changing bog rolls.