My Greatest Masterpiece.

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A couple of my greatest masterpieces.

$534.75. That is the amount I need to raise TODAY to reach my Target for LOUD SHIRT DAY.

Loud Shirt Day is the main fundraiser for The Shepherd Centre, a charity that teaches deaf kids to talk and listen. A charity that stepped in and changed our lives nearly 9 years ago.

The Shepherd Centre helps over 370 children and families each year in five centres in NSW and ACT, as well as families in rural and remote areas of Australia and overseas.

The cost to provide services to 1 child for 1 year of early intervention is $18,000.

90% of children who graduate from The Shepherd Centre enter mainstream schooling, the vast majority with speech and language skills on par with their typically hearing classmates.

At least 50% of the children who join The Shepherd Centre’s program and services each year are not even a year old!

Deafness is one of the very few disabilities that – if detected and treated early – can all but be overcome.

My son Jack is a creative type who has an insane love of singing and dancing. It is his gift and without The Shepherd Centre there is no way that he would be able to reach his full potential, as hearing is quite important when it comes to both of these pursuits and he was born deaf. But these days, he can hear everything! The opening of a packet of caramel crowns from 3 houses away type hearing. The opening bars of Taylor Swifts Shake it Up. On Monday he danced at the Opera House and even though we were seated in the nosebleed seats, I could see nothing but his beaming little face as he and his dance troupe shimmied along to J-Lo’s “Lets Get Loud”.

Shoot over here to hear my interview on Caro and Co about what the Shepherd Centre means to me.

So back to that $534.75 I need. So many of you have donated and I thank you. But if you have a  few bucks to spare, I would love it if you could click here and help me reach $2000.

I have many masterpieces in my life. And this is one of them.

Please donate here.