A very happy bunny.

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Last night I was watching the news. There was a live cross coming from Redfern, detailing the excitement over the fact that the Bunnies had won the grand final. As the reporter talked, you could see some wag realise that the camera was on him, so he took of his pants to show us his penis.

“Why is that man showing his doodle?” came the question from the couch.

“Because… Not sure. Maybe he is very happy about his penis.”

This seemed to placate.

I took a snap and shared it on social media as I am quite determined to track this bloke down to ask him why he wants everyone to see his penis, but I was immediately reported and sent to social media spankytown, because even though just under half of the Australian population is in possession of a peen, it is still too much for delicate eyes. Hence why I have popped a yellow star on our flasher up there.

It was not the first time someone had flashed their penis at me. The first time was when I was in year one and a local high school student asked me on the way home, whether I would like to see a cocky. Being the bird fancier that I am, I said “Well DERRR!” He took down his pants and I had a look. It was a penis, not a bird.

I casually shared my experience with Mum later that night over dinner. She was super not happy and the next morning went up to the high school to report on COCKYGATE.

It was a a decade or so later that I encountered my next flasher. I was at boarding school and we were woken by someone throwing rocks on the window. We all gathered and peered out to find a man standing there, making sweet, sweet love to himself. I was 12 and very confused by the goings on. Eventually he sorted himself out and disappeared into the bushes. Again, I shared this information with my Mum, who put in a call to the school to again, report on COCKYGATE.

And finally, the year was 1996 and a young Mr Woog and I were travelling though Egypt, where COCKYGATE was on every street corner, every train carriage and every park that I visited. I was a MAGNET to flashers, who were very keen to share their penis with me.

So I perhaps am a little desensitised to them right now. Seeing the Rabbitoh Flasher didn’t really raise my eyebrows. But I think it should have.

A smooth Peter Overton apologised to viewers at the end of the segment, explaining anything can happen during a live cross.

Maybe he was just a really happy bunny?

Have you ever encountered a flasher?