Let’s Get Loud!

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I often wonder what my son’s life would be like without the help, love and dedication the The Shepherd Centre showed us. He was born with a bilateral moderate to severe hearing loss. I recall when we found out, there was just a feeling of impending doom. The Shepherd Centre, an early intervention charity organisation, stepped in and held our hand for those first 5 years of his life.

I have no doubt in my mind they have shaped him to become the incredible boy that he is today.

At The Shepherd Centre, we are only able to offer our vital service thanks to the generous contributions of our donors. It costs more than $18,000 per year per child to provide these critical services, without which many hearing impaired and deaf children may not be able to enter mainstream schooling and achieve the future they deserve. 

So they have helped me, and now I am taking it upon myself to pay it forward.

Enter….. The Orange Soda Stand!

We have cousin Rose staying with us up at Jabba at the moment, and the past few afternoons have been spent preparing and selling Orange Soda! An entire bag of oranges is hand squeezed. This takes several hours. Little kids hands are not so strong. The juice is then mixed with crushed ice and topped with Soda.

The production is done with clean hands and very clean preparation areas.

The first day they made $21. They as selling it for a donation, no set price. I am matching them dollar for dollar.

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I helped them with their spiel. It was great to see these little business people in action.

The next day dawned and they were at it again. The stall was relocated to a spot with higher foot traffic and signs were introduced. Sure enough the punters came. Some even offered more practical business acumen, like sticking the plastic flamingos from the garden, to create a talking point…

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Today, we had our briefing and it was announced that two lemons and 2 passionfruit shall be added to the mix. I suggested that for an extra dollar, we could add a splash of vodka to the cup, before I remembered that it probably wasn’t a good idea,  Seeing that we are not a licensed premises and, them being kids and all…

So I have realised that there is not WAY I am going to reach my $500 fund-raising target with orange soda. So I am asking you to chip in.

Do you care to buy a virtual cup of freshly squeezed orange soda?

Friday the 17th October is LOUD SHIRT DAY! Chuck in a few bucks and make sure you don your loudest shirt. I have mine all planned. I will be dashing around on the day, raising awareness in my own special way. But I wanted to start with you first.

If you can donate a couple of bucks, please click here.

And thank you, as always, for your support. You are truly wonderful.