The Problem with Addiction.

That is the problem with addiction. Withdrawals kick in immediately. I am getting cranky and irritable. The shakes are inevitable.

You see my coffee machine has died this morning. I have such a shitty track record when it comes to coffee machines. They are continually dying on me. Although, during their time that they are with me, they toil hard. But I just want things to work, goddamn it.

I have done everything I can to revive it. I have turned it on and off a thousand times, emptied the pod thingy, checked that water, everything. It is not good for my mental health, it is making me ill with worry that things, so heavily relied upon, can just up and go with no warning…

*rushes off to kiss and hug washing machine…*

It is my thing! My first thing I do. I make a big cup of coffee in my Hollywood (that Eden bought me when we were in California) mug and start making breakfast for the minions. I listen to Kyle and Jackie while I drink my coffee, so I can feel like I have superior intelligence, and potter around in the kitchen in my robe and uggies.

I keep going back to check it. To turn it off and on. FUCKING GEORGE CLOONEY, IT IS ALL YOU FAULT! Just because you married that super-woman, should you shun your commercial responsibilities?

No. I think not.

I WAS planning on blogging my independent research that I conducted last night about 3 day old baked on potato bake, and whether the expensive dishwasher tablets actually will make me do this…

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 9.08.19 amBut I am too fucked off.

Any troubleshooting tips?

What was the latest household appliance to pass away at your place?


Do you know that if you have a Nespresso you can call 1800 623 033, jump through a couple of hoops and talk to a real life person, who will then tell you to shove your hand up the machine and locater the pod that is stuck up there? All is right in my world again. Thanks for the tip TONTONNIX from Instagram! The internet is NOT a waste of time.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 9.47.21 am