What’s really going on in your head? FEAR.

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This morning Mr Woog and I were running some errands and we were, of course, stuck in this blasted Sydney Traffic. So we were having a chat about the state of the world, when I told him about how a Facebook Group had been created, so Muslim Women can too, get about their day running errands. The Facebook page allows them to shout out to that community about when and where they wanted to go, and volunteers put their hands up to escort these women, as they get about their day.

Because increasingly they are being attacked on the streets, being spat on, abused, their hijabs being ripped from their head and general intimidation from members of the non-Muslim community. They are being told that their children are not welcome in the public playgrounds. They are being called “Muslim Cunts” and “Muslim Dogs” and are being threated with death.

Mr Woog was not as outraged as I was. He commented that Australia has become such a racist country that nothing surprises him anymore. That our country, even ten years ago, was a much more accepting place to live and it actually should be evolving, not decreasing. But what could be done?


With the Ban the Burqua campaign being run by some of our politicians, what the hell do we expect? Pump us full of fear about terrorism, segregate Muslim women in Parliament and then flood the media with imagery of war, but don’t call it a war. And we should be thankful for this?

My exceedingly clever and kind friend recently shared this… and I agree with it 100%.

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And then we have our elected leaders who think that they sound intelligent if they use the word “constitution” twice in a sentenced,  like Mrs Lambie.

“Well I just think that, you know, ‘Shari’ law you get it mixed up in um, well it does, if you’re not going to show, if you’re going to be a supporter of Sharia law  and you’re not going to support our Constitution and and and an allegiance to our.. a Constitution and Australian law then um,”

I am lucky that I can see though the spin. That racist imagery does not compute, doesn’t sink into by brain. But for many Australians, they are being sucked in totally, and acting out their hate.

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To my Muslim sisters, you are so not alone. There are more people in our country that are delighted to live alongside you, and it is times like this that I am almost ashamed to be an Australian.

So over to your…

They say Ignorance breeds fear. And Fear breeds hate and in turn that breeds violence.

Are you frightened, hateful or ashamed?