You’re Fired!

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Out of all the disasters in my life, I have never been fired from a job! And there have been plenty of opportunities for me to have done so, as I carried out the following duties.

  • Vacation Care Worker
  • Bar Maid
  • Letter Box Dropper (which I so should have been because it was for this revolting old Real Estate Agent and I would take the few dollars and dump the leaflets in the bin)
  • School Teacher
  • Sales Rep
  • Middle Management
  • Senior Management

It is only a divine miracle that I made it through each term of employment without getting sacked. But I know many others who have not been so lucky. Lets take a look at some of the examples from the WoogsWorld Facebook Community.

I got fired from a granny nanny position for “drinking the liquor, having a boy to stay and kicking the dog”. I DID NOT kick the dog.

I got caught being in one leg of a size 24 pair of pants. My best friend was in the other. We were both 15 year old Target casuals working in the ladies department.

It was very awkward, they beat around the bush so much I didn’t even understand that I was being fired. I didn’t fit the culture. It was Macquarie Bank. I am very proud to not fit into the culture at Macquarie Bank.

I got fired from a ball bearing factory after three weeks. I can’t remember whether I was accounts receivable or accounts payable – but I’m pretty sure that was the problem at the time too. Shame.

A long time ago, when the world had faxes and walkmans, I worked for an architect who attended the same church as I did. When I was asked to leave the aforementioned church for indulging in pre-marital sex, my boss fired me as well. Double whammy!

I was ‘asked to leave’ my job because I found out my (married) boss was cheating on his wife with one of my good (married) friends. I was given an ultimatum and had to move back home to Melbourne as a result of losing my job. They wanted to keep it secret for PR reasons – @Level 41 Restaurant, Chifley Square Sydney – what an A&^%hole.

I got fired from my very first job after one day for being “too greedy” simply because I wanted to be paid my minimum wage.

The Restaurant owner called me downstairs before a Saturday night service to tell me that I had forgotten to give a diner the correct spoon for his soup the night before. I waited til he finished his line of cocaine and then calmly walked out into the night leaving them one down on a busy Saturday night. Suffer!

Yes. About 30 years ago when my 4 children were small I waitressed at night after my husband got home to mind the kids. It was a very very posh place in the city. At a Christmas cocktail function while my tray was full of drinks, a smart arse thought it funny to lift my skirt in front of his drunk mates. Reflex kicked in and I turned and slapped him, after I was humiliated with my knickers showing. The manager sacked me on the spot – said it was part of the job.

Yes I worked in a hairdressers and from 14 9months and they were talking apprenticeship until the day I turned 16 I was let go!

I got fired for driving an electric wheelchair through a window. I was in it at the time, I tried to move it, and the controls were a bit dodge.

I was fired by a construction company in the UK after 1 week as I declined the bosses invitation to sleep with him.

I got fired from my first job as my boss/owner of the company made advances ( stuck his tongue down my throat as I exited the loo ) at the Christmas party and I didn’t reciprocate.

I got fired from a hardware store because i sent $2000 of tools interstate and forgot to bill them whoops.

I got fired before i even started one job. And not from something I did. The people were just being racist. They admited that the familys of the child care centre that I got the job at were scared to have me in the building because I was muslim when I was wearing my hijab. 

I got fired because I was “with child” aka pregnant!

I was let go for falling pregnant. It was by far and away the most stressful experience of my life.


Can you top these? Had something similar happen?

Got a bad boss story? Share!