Accentuate the Positive!


There are many benefits to take advantage of when you work from home. This thing that I am most grateful for is that I don’t have to tend to my face and my hair before I get to work. I mean seriously, this is me right now…

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 8.58.14 am

But there are drawbacks. I listen to morning television as I type and my subliminal conscience is constantly telling me to buy a Nutri-bullet. My show of choice is Studio Ten and I am fast becoming a fan of Ita Buttrose’s no-nonsense approach to life. They have this one segment called Ask Ita, and people write in with their problems, and she fires back with the most sensible advice. “Leave him, for gods sake. He sounds like an idiot!”

Today she advised Alex to get a mentor and Owen just to steer clear of his evil mother-in-law.


I am working quite hard at the moment, on a few projects. It keeps me off the streets and away from the shops. I watched the Melbourne Cup with a diet coke, while the rest of the real housewives of my suburb where whooping it up at the local pub. I am nothing if not disciplined… *shifts eyes sideways…*

But yesterday I needed a change of scenery. Staring at the neighbours fence was starting to get old. Plus the fridge was devoid of anything good, so up the local cafe I went, laptop in tow.

Now, I have heard from reliable sources that lunchtime chips do not count as calories so Bobby, the cafe owner, obliged me with a few on the side of my sandwich. I was careful to tell him just a few… not a whole serve. He was very generous…

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 8.55.12 am

So there I was, sucking up Bobby’s wifi, tippety tapping away when a group came on. They were 2 couples, mid late 70’s I would guess. Very tidy retirees wearing sensible but considered attire. The ladies went to the table and sat down, while the two gentlemen went over to the cake display and put on a delightful show of getting themselves quite worked up about which cake they would have.

“I am going to get the rhubarb muffin, with cream!” He actually rubbed his hands on glee.

And at that point I realised that I think too much. I over think shit that just needn’t be. I should have had a bowl of chips, with tomato sauce.

“What is gluten?” one of the women asked the waitress, who was unable to explain. I mean, do you know what gluten is? I sure as shit do not. All I know is that it makes some people bloat yand farty and get the trots.

They went on to have a vivid discussion about golf, grandkids and roses, devoured their cakes and polished off their coffees. They paid up, and waved Bobby a cheery goodbye.

I too paid up and packed up my work. On the way home I actually did stop to smell the roses of a neighbour, who lives a few doors up. He is the strangest man, but grows good roses. The whole encounter made me realise that I had to seek more joy in the small things, and calm the fuck down about the things that are not worth the energy.

Or maybe I should just Ask Ita…

Do you accentuate the positive?

Would you have ordered the chips?