Have you ever roused on someone else’s kid?


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Last night I gathered my family together and trotted over to a neighbours place to drink all of the things. I like Halloween (you can read more of my thoughts about it here) The children set off to do trick or treat while we prepared some nibbles.

On the front step sat a big bowl of lollies, surrounded by chairs. We were having a little front door party, but we were not quite ready to commence. I was taking some things to the bin when, through the fence, is saw a group on teenaged boys approaching the house. Now I don’t know about you, but teenage boy gangs frighten me, so I just watched them.

They all approached the unattended bowl and one by one selected a treat. Then this dorky looking pimple factory stuck in his hand and pulled out half a dozen fizzers.

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This is a fizzer

And the words came out of my mouth before I even realised it!


Now if you know me personally, you will know that I will run a mile from any sort of confrontation. But I don’t suppose this was a confrontation, more like a booming voice coming from the fence.

The lad stopped, frozen. His mates looked at him and also berated him.

“God, whose Mum is that?” I heard one of them say.

I went back inside to tell my friend what happened, and told her that if her house got egged later in the evening, then I will clean it up.*

So here is the thing. Did I do the right thing?

Have you ever roused on someone else’s kid?

*house was not egged.