Money for Nothing

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I was in the car yesterday, and the radio started playing Dire Straits, more importantly “Money for Nothing.” It took me back to 1986 when I, a fresh faced thirteen year old, fronted up to the Sydney Entertainment Centre with my entire family, to see what was my first ever concert. I think everyone in Sydney went to see Dire Straits in 1986, for they played a staggering 21 shows at that venue.

“I want my MTV”

I was beside myself with excitement and can even recall what I wore. Are you ready for this?

I decked myself out from head to toe in a very questionable camouflage outfit. I am talking camo pants, camo shirt, camo belt, and some big motherfucking camo boots. Head to toe, such was the fashion that week. I sure did not want to be noticed. Like a soldier. Heaven knows what my oldies were thinking when I presented myself.

“Now look at them yo-yos, that’s the way you do it…”

And I stood and grooved away, singing every single song from the brilliant album, Brothers in Arms. I felt so grown up and free. Our seats were on the side of the stage, as there were 5 kids in our family, and the good seats would have sent us into economic meltdown. So the cheap seats it was, not that it made a squat of difference. I was thirteen, I was wearing a soldiers outfit and I was dancing while Mark Knopfler screeched about installing microwaved ovens.

The next concert that I went to at the Ent Cent was a very different vibe. I went unwillingly, along with my siblings to watch…. oh god…. make it stop….


Christ on a cracker, my oldies got swept up in the hysteria that were these two ice-skaters from the UK who won a gold medal at an Olympics.

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I was beside myself with boredom, but interestingly enough, after pretending to root on the ice for all those years, they recently admitted that they were rooting for real! FOR REAL!

I was chatting to my Father in Law, the brilliant Dr. Woog, about the Sydney Entertainment Centre, which is now sexily called the Qantas Credit Union Arena, and he suggested that it was a shit-house venue. But said so in a more refined manner. He recalled seeing a play there once, and if he squinted, he could only make out colour and movement. He also suggested that the best thing about going to the Sydney Entertainment Centre was the slap-up Chinese meal you got to have beforehand, at nearby Chinatown.

Memories of the Sydney Entertainment Centre will live on, long after it is demolished which is set to happen next year.

What did you see at The Sydney Entertainment Centre?

Did you get your chicks for free?