Do you need a selfie stick?

Finns Beach Club is a private beach situated in Uluwatu, in South Kuta, and it was this oasis that my travel companion Jo and I set off to, with my long time friend and Bali resident Sawhole. It sounds super fancy, being private etc, but it is a very casual collection of bales and chairs and stuff, that hugs a small, pristine shore.

You pay $25, and get access for the day, which included $15 credit towards food and drink. Heading down the cliff on an inclination, you knew straight away that your money was well spent.

The three of us set up camp on some beanbags under umbrellas, and spend the day marinating ourselves in 50+, Bintang and raucous laughter.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 7.20.00 PM

Traditional Selfie, done with ones hands. So it is an artisan selfie.

Can we talk about selfies for a moment?

A selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. Selfies are often shared on social networking services such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. They are usually flattering and made to appear casual. Most selfies are taken with a camera held at arm’s length or pointed at a mirror, rather than by using a self-timer.


I spotted no less than half a dozen selfie sticks, being carried around by drop dead gorgeous girls in bikinis. Taking dozens of shots of themselves and showing their mates, who were prancing around the white sands, conducting their own photo shoots.

Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick

Now, as my sister tells me, I am a natural narcissist because I am a personal blogger, and who wants to read about y life… blah blah blah, but I recall at the same age (20) I would run down to the edge of the water wrapped in my towel, before ditching it, begging and praying that  no one saw any of my body. ANY OF IT!

So I have got to give props to the confidence of the younger generation. Bravo indeed.

We had a reminiscent conversation regarding cameras. I reminded Sawhole about the time at her 21st at The Lithgow Worker’s Club, how I filled up the disposable camera with pictures of my boobs and offered her a much belated apology.. And how we would take one or two photos at a party, because we only had 24 shots on the roll and developing them was expensive.

God only knows what our kids will be doing.

But it has to be said that a visit to Finns Beach Club can be highly recommended. Bring your own selfie stick!

On the way home I made up a road game based on Spotto. It was called Chooko. You had to yell CHOOKO when you saw a chicken strutting around on the side of the road. There were none, so I invented Doggo. My companions were not interested, but for the record, I scored 3.

Finn’s Beach Club
Jalan Pantai Selatan Gau, Banjar Wijaya Kusuma

Are you a fan of selfies?

Been to Finn’s Beach Club?

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