The Racist Australians [yuk] and meet the lovely Suartana Wayan.

Jo and I got up yesterday and shared the buffet breakfast with a gazillion conference delegates who have spent a few days at the hotel. These particular delegates look like they have just come from an APEC summit, with each shirt more colourful and outlandish than the next. The wives are bussed out early in the morning to see things of cultural significance, while the men-folk set up for a solid day of admiring each others shirts, and smoking.

DELEGATES! I think they leave today, thus shortening  the wait for the breakfast table. This morning I saw one delegate, who was obviously traveling sans wife, load his plate up with chocolate donuts, croissants, danishes and muffins. He was so very gleeful about the whole situation, one could not be affected by his happiness. He positively BEAMED! Oh the things you do when you are travelling away from your significant other.

“While the cat’s away, one shall buffet.” Said Jo.

*Takes swig of Bintang and admires new tattoo of dancing dolphins of my buttocks*

Yesterday morning Jo and I headed to Double Six beach, on of my favourites on the island of Bali. I cannot imagine why…

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 10.58.27 AM

We settled into some chairs, and were shortly joined by my most cringe-worthy of all travellers.

The Racist Australians.

This family set up next to us, and proceeded to cause noise pollution to my otherwise blissful existence.

Soon we all realised that there was some sort of drama happening in the water. It appeared that a few young men were in trouble, and so the lifesaver did his thing, and went and saved a few lives. Turned out this group was Japanese, which displeased the Aussie Racists.

“Bloody Idiots! You should let them drown….”

“The Japanese, they just don’t listen…. Let them drown!”

Had I been less mortified and shocked, I would have said something. But this family, who boasted to all the hawkers who stopped by them to try and sell them their wares, told everyone and anyone that they had been to Bali “Twelve times…” and were very mouthy and opinionated. And scary.

So, instead I will write about them on the World Wide Web.

After I recovered from my shock, we went a-lunching at a place called Cocoon, where we were met by the most wonderful and impeccable service that I think I have ever experienced. And don’t forget, I have been to the Bathurst Leagues Club!

His name was Suartana Wayan.

Jo, Suartana and me.

Jo, Suartana and me.

I love good customer service service, it makes me giddy with happiness, and he was the master. At the end of a wonderful lunch, I asked him if we could have a photo taken with him. He was beside himself at the idea. I asked him if I could put it up on my little blog, and he could not have said yes quick enough. He even wrote his name down so I could spell it correctly.

I suspect big things for you in the hospitality industry Suartana. You have a gift.

What would you have said to the racist Australians?

Cocoon Jl Double Six 66 |Blue Ocean Boulevard, Seminyak, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Racist Australians – The World Over.