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When I was a kid, I was always concerned about getting scurvy. Why? Because my Mum was always threatening me that I could contract it if I didn’t eat up all my veggies.

“Eat it all, or else you will get scurvy.” She would say.

So I did. Ate up all the carrots, all of the beans and I would positively GAG down brussell sprouts. Heaven help me if I contracted this disease, even if I had no idea what it actually was.

Being a grown up, I now know that scurvy is a disease that you get if you have a deficiency of vitamin C. Back in the day, sailors and pirates would drop like flies, as they relied on a diet devoid of any fresh fruit or vegetables. It took a few months of suffering before you died of scurvy, and the very thought of it was enough to see me clean my plate most evenings.

But that was not the only fear she instilled in me. Apparently if I were to eat or drink something, then get into pool, I would surely perish! I believed this for years and years, but the truth is that it was complete bullshit.

I was also under the impression that the bloke from across the road was some sort of monster, because he yelled at us a lot in his native Maltese tongue when we rode our bikes out the front of his house.

But back to scurvy. I hate to say it, but I have used the threat of scurvy to my own kids, when they baulk at veggies. That’s right! I open my mouth and my mother comes out.

Nowadays I totally understand why mine went to the lengths of threatening me with a painful, deadly disease to get me to eat up my vegetables. Because while scurvy isn’t very likely in the 21st Century, I know that when kids miss out on vital vitamins in their fruits and veggies, they are more likely to get sick with cold and flu.

Truth is, one of the Woogettes is very difficult to feed, and he can take up to an hour to eat a stick of carrot. I tried hiding veggies in other foods, I bribed him with cash, I even begged him to eat some broccoli, and then eventually resorted to the scurvy tactic.

My Dietician Mother In Law, the kindly Original Mrs. Woog, suggested years ago that rather than scaring him into choking down brussell sprouts, he would benefit from a daily supplement to stop him from getting sick, and to stop me worrying about it. I know that nothing compares to wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, but it is a great way to give me peace of mind, and ensure he gets his nutrients even when he’s avoiding his veggies.

This doesn’t stop me celebrating each new veggie or fruit that is consumed as if I had had the trifecta at the Cup though!

So supplements have been a fixture in the Woog household for a while but some are made of 50 or 60% sugar. To me, it’s pretty hypocritical to give your kid a health supplement that has as much sugar as a lolly.

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Blackmore’s have introduced Kids Vitamin C + Zinc Gummies, the only supplement on the market that is 99.5% sugar free, with no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. Plus the kids love them, which is why I am delighted to be working with Blackmores on this launch.

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Did you ever get threatened with the dreaded scurvy?

Did you ever get a cramp and die while swimming just after you ate an icy pole?

Have you got a fussy eater at your place?