Vote for Pedro

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Yes, it is that time of year again folks, where school election campaigns are starting to ramp up, as twelve-year-old kids from the country all over, throw their hat into the ring in a bid to become the school captain.

Our family boasts a history of impressive school captaincy, with every one of my siblings holding office in Primary School. That would be everyone…. except me.

Oh, cry me a river won’t you?

Alas I inherited a throw back gene, one full of half-ass-ness, of which I have proudly passed onto my son Horatio. He is currently sitting on the fence regarding his immediate political aspirations, as evidenced by the nomination form, pictured above. Going against him is his questionable attitude towards authority, but he has represented the school in Rugby, tennis and cricket this year. But I don’t think that is going to be enough.

You see a school captain must possess more that just sporting prowess. They must be an all-rounder. They must be able to deliver a speech that their Mum wrote with passion and vigour, and with a little lame joke thrown in at the end.

My sister Mrs Ryan, proudly boasts “3 from 3” when it comes to offspring and school captaincy. My Mum has been constantly won the popular vote for my hometown’s local council (which is now notoriously corrupt) for the past twenty years. Elections run in our blood, well everyone else’s apart from mine.

Despite my parents’ insistence, I didn’t even bother putting my hand into the ring when it came to my turn to face the elections. To me, it was already Kim Johnson’s gig. I mean, she was a state runner for Christ’s sake! She was smart, she had hair that always looked shiny and nice and her uniform was always turned out in an exemplary fashion. She was not likely to kiss any boys in the library at lunchtime behind the hanging wall of big books, nor was she likely to sit up that back of the bus. Kim Johnson danced in a wholesome way at the school social, while me? Not so much.


Where you the school captain or were you ROBBED!

Did your kid run for office? Got any tips?