What’s really going on in your head? On Being A Servant.

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I try very hard not to lose my shit, because it is not conducive to a calm state of mind. But sometimes it can just bubble inside, boiling away until one little thing, like a wet towel on the floor or tripping over a tennis racquet, will sent me into the stratoshpere.

This week I managed to wash one of Jack’s hearing aids. He had taken it off in bed, and I later stripped the bed and bunged the whole thing in the wash. We searched for 30 minutes for that hearing aid before I realised that it was currently enjoying the spin cycle. Here is the hot tip, hearing aids and water do not mix.

Each night I meditate, but last night I just could not be fucked. We had been out to dinner, nowhere fancy just the local lebanese, where the kids constant whining put a real dampener on proceedings. On arriving home, I told them both to jump into the shower, and then straight into bed. It was very, very early. They started to object, but I shut them down with a death stare that was so fierce, it actually gave me a headache.

I don’t want to be that bitchy, moaning mum about how hard it all is, but sometimes it gets the better of me. Do you ever think that you just give and give and give, and get nothing back?

Tis tres frustrating.

Make the breakfast… “I hate Weetbox”

Brush your teeth – *eyeroll*

Made lunches “You don’t give me enough food..”

Where is your homework… “Dunno..”

I learn a lot about parenting from Mr Ryan, my brother in law. He has many effective strategies he puts into place when his kids start to go feral. During the recent school holidays, he noticed all his kids (has 3) were being rude and grunty, like teenagers can be, so he left for work. BUT in the back of his ute was the cord that connected the WiFi box to an electrical source. GENUIS. One of my kids is currently banned from the internet for the rest of his life.

So I suppose my question to you is, do you ever feel this way? That you get nothing back from your kids? Is this just a phase? WHEN WILL IT END? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?

Are you an unpaid servant?

Do you ever feel like running away?

If not, please share your tactics!