White Bread-Gate

Why are we all so obsessed with diets at the moment? I am not talking about set diets, eat this and that type of regimes, but what we eat in general. Since when did we care so much about what we put in our mouths, and even more bizarrely, what others eat.

I admit, I have found myself lately, reading and even writing about “good” and “bad” foods, but have seen the light and have crawled my way back out of the food shaming spiral that I had been sucked into.

And what is all this hoo-haa about freaking white bread?


I worked on a campaign to raise awareness of the fibre packed white bread brand Wonder White. I have a fussy eater who will not eat any other bread but white full stop, so it is a good option for him.

Mega super blogger Kat who writes The Organised Housewife Blog, also worked on the campaign. The response she got from the general public (just putting it into perspective, her readership is equal to top selling magazines) was nothing short of fucking ridiculous. I understand that when you write online, you do open yourself up as a sacrificial lamb sometimes, but honestly… some of the responses were so OUTRAGED, it was as if Kat herself had pushed a pregnant women in front of a moving train.

And then there is the DAY ON A PLATE rubbish in the weekend paper magazine, where a “celebrity” outlines what he or she had eaten during the day, and then a diet┬áspecialist comes in and suggests that you add an avocado to it. Remember all the broo-ha-ha about this?

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 8.15.45 am

I mean, and I am trying to find just the right words here… WHO THE FUCK CARES?

You don’t eat sugar? Good for you! You can’t eat gluten because it makes you fart? THANK YOU FOR NOT EATING IT, especially if I am going to use the bathroom after you! Only eat organic foods? Well that is just swell. And as far as people who have medical conditions and have to avoid certain foods because of it, my symphony goes out to you. It must suck.

Not a day goes by in main stream media, without a big story on diets, or food, or fads, or a couple of celebrity chefs having a public spat because they have different beliefs when it comes to food. Here is todays offering.

It is food, fucking food, people. Why are we so concerned about it? When did this happen. Is this the sort of society we want to become, where you should question everything you put in your pie hole? That you start to see food as the enemy? I mean, we are all wising up the heath and nutrition. We have no other option as mixed messages are continually jammed down our throats, along with green smoothies.

I tried one once. I didn’t like the taste of it. And no, adding the juice of a lime didn’t change my mind. I am also not a great fan of cous cous. I find it too gritty….. SEE! I AM DOING IT AGAIN!

If you eat KFC everyday, you are going to get fat. You are not stupid, so you probably already know this. Eating a lot of veggies is good for you. You are not stupid, so you probably already know this.


Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 8.27.33 am

….make it stop.

So I am putting out a call to the general public, together we can do this! Eat your food, enjoy your food. Make no apologies for your choices, whatever that may be. If you are interested in nutrition, do your research, become educated but for fucks sake, please do not judge others. Because it is just BORING and I, for one, have had enough.

This kid wouldn’t question the nutritional benefits of a slice of white bread.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 8.32.27 am

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Is it just me, or have we all gone a little crazy loco about food?