41 Things I Learnt this year.

2013 32

Oh God no…

Not one of those annoying, preachy posts that bloggers do at the end of the year, summing up what they have learnt in the last 365 days…

Hell YES! And why not. Every year that goes by you learn shit, whether you realise it or not. So without further ado, here is my list of learnings.

    1. People are wonderful.
    2. People are assholes
    3. The benefits in saying “No”
    4. The benefits in saying “Yes”
    5. That family, even if they drive you up the freakin wall at times, is important. Unless they are assholes, then you have to decide whether the pain is worth the rewards.
    6. Your friends are your family of choosing. And like family, they can come in and out of your life at different times for different reasons. And it is ok to terminate a friendship. You cannot be everything to all people.
    7. That you open part of your Xmas present from your Mum and it contains a pair of CROC thongs and you roll your eyes and tell you that you hate CROCS but turns out, after a few days, you LOVE CROCS because they are the most comfy things ever invented, you apologise for doubting her.
    8. Wine glasses don’t bounce.
    9. Murano glass doesn’t bounce.
    10. A jar of passatta doesn’t bounce.
    11. Bouncy balls bounce like mad.
    12. Internet trolls are hilarious when you have thicker skin.
    13. Try as I might, I do not find cricket fascinating.
    14. Watching a well built, well known footy player teach his kids to paddle board this morning was actually very fascinating. For me.
    15. I am completely over ham.
    16. I love what I do for a job, even though I sound smug when I confess it.
    17. That 75% of Australian Politicians are in it for the pension and to stroke their own egos, and don’t really give a shit about the real issues.
    18. That the best toddler meltdowns can be found on the beach at 11.45am.
    19. That not all zits are created equal.
    20. That yes, you do always need more toilet paper. Ditto cat food.
    21. That second opinions are worth it.
    22. That air conditioning is worth it.
    23. How to put a king sized doona cover on without having to go to the chiropractor.
    24. That List Posts are easy and why don’t I do more of them?
    25. That Salt and Pepper prawns at The New Shanghai is the best thing to eat.
    26. That I do not like drinking kale, and no, you cannot make me try yours because it is incredible. It is not.
    27. Kids can grow 2 inches in 2 months.
    28. My waist can grow 2 inches in 2 months. (DEC-JAN)
    29. Always start a few things with the intention to never finish them.
    30. That when everyone in your family gives you the shits, remove yourself from the drama.
    31. How to make Anne.
    32. How to make Pulled Pork Sliders.
    33. Life is better when you are not a bitch.
    34. Don’t lie. Trust me, the truth is better, even if it means you look like a goose or a moron. Speak your truth.
    35. Listen to other people. You don’t know everything. Be delighted to be proven wrong.
    36. That arguments are different to trolling.
    37. That smart arguments about current affairs do not get personal.
    38. Leopard print pants embarrass your ten year old son.
    39. GIRLS was the best thing on TV this year.
    40. Frosty Fruits are my friend.
    41. How to put GIFS in a blog post. *

Go on. Have a think about it.

What did you really learn this year?

* Oh the irony! I pressed publish and the GIF that I had for the end didn’t work. It was a really good one starring Tina Fey.