Andy Warhol was here.

Sponsored by the Art Gallery of NSW

 When my Mum started dating my Step-father, I remember on one occasion they took us kids to the Art Gallery of NSW, where we walked around in wonder for a while, before nagging them to buy us a Bubble O Bill.

You see, they were and still are, culture vultures and were determined that we would be the same. I believe that you can develop an appreciation for art from a young age. For viewing it, creating it and becoming immersed in it. And if you are a fellow art appreciator, a spectacular opportunity is coming to the Art Gallery of NSW. Particularly if you have kids. Or not.

Because everyone loves Pop Art!

“Oh yes you do baby!”


“Roy Lichtenstein ‘In the car’, 1963 oil and magna on canvas, © Estate of Roy Lichtenstein”

“Just shut up Roy, and take me to the gallery…”

Why do we love it so much? Because, simply put it is FUN!


“Thanks Andy, I’ll have a scotch on the rocks.”

The Gallery of NSW is right now holding a huge Pop Art Exhibition called Pop to Popism, featuring 200 works from 70 of the most prolific and famous pop artists in the world. It is on from now until March 1st, 2015.

All the big names are there. I’m talking Peter Blake, Richard Hamilton, Roy Lichtenstein, Martha Rosler, Andy Warhol and our very own Brett Whitely. It is the biggest Pop Exhibition ever to be staged in our country, and I urge you to take yourself along.


“Peter Blake ‘Tarzan’ 1967”

 “Yo! JANE!…. JANE! Grab me a ticket would you?”

Pop art as a movement found it’s feet in London in the early 1950’s, then caught on in America soon after. Then everyone went a little mad for it! The artists explored pop culture, the world of advertising, film, television music and mass-produced consumer goods.


“Andy Warhol ‘Campbell’s Soup’, 1965 Acrylic on canvas”

“No soup for you…. NEXT!”

The Art Gallery of NSW has made it a very child friendly exhibition, with tonnes of interactive activities, art making and creative play. If the very thought of taking your munchkins to an art exhibition gives you an itchy neck, fear not. Time to whack on your big gal pants, and get your mob to this exhibition.


Andy Warhol’s take on Twister

 Right now we are limping to the end of the term, but have you thought about activities for the kids to do in the school holidays, apart from them telling you how bored and starving they are? (Bored and starving is big around here in the holidays…)

So what else is waiting for you at the gallery? Let’s take a little closer look, shall we?

Children’s Access Workshop: Pop and Colour collage.

Art making for with with disability, their families and carers. Click HERE for details.

Drop in and Make: Pop the Gallery.

Unleash your inner artist during this hands-on workshop. Click HERE for details.

Popcornucopia: Performance

Join the Etcetera Duo for a free performance that brings pop art to life using mime, magic and illusion. Click HERE for details.

Drop in and make: Animals of the Chinese Zodiac

Learn about the Chinese New Year and make your own cards. Details are here.

Did I mention all of these activities were free? And all the materials are provided? And you really have no excuse not to get your culture on with your kids?

For general information, get yourself over to the website (linked to ) and leave me to ponder the big issues….


 “Have I turned off the iron?

When wass the last time you went to an art exhibition?