Jingle Bells

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My Mum recently returned from a “Fabric Tour of India”, and yes. There is such a thing. And a bit like when you travel to Bali or Thailand and you start to think that wearing top to toe tie-dye is a great idea, Mum embraced the jingly anklet.

Out of ten, the annoying factor would come in at an 8 as you can hear her comings and goings around Jabba the Hut. Right now she is in the kitchen….. now she is headed to the bathroom. I just wish she would keep still for a while.

This morning it was jingle all the way, as we went for a brisk walk before breakfast.

Jingle. Jangle. Jingle. Jangle

We walked as we talked, laughed at the kookaburras and said good morning to everyone who we passed. Bloody hell, Christmas eve might just be the best day ever. There is just such a great feeling in the air, don’t you think?


Mum kind of veered off the sidewalk and into the path of an oncoming car. The speed limits around these parts run at about 4km per hour so she was not in much danger, but it didn’t help that she looked drunk when she stumbled and it didn’t help that the car was a police car.

“Mum!” I yelled.

Jinglejanglejinglejangle. She moved out of the way.

The car kept driving and we kept walking. Eventually we caught up with the police car, as it had stopped on the streets with it’s lights flashing. Now not much happens around these parts, so I, being a natural Mrs Mangel, was curious. But we soon realised it was just a big branch had come down and we, as a community, needed assistance to be safe from it.

As we approached the car, an officer alighted from it.

“You are the lady I almost hit back there, aren’t you?” He asked.

Mum beamed and confirmed his suspicions. She then asked the Officer to arrest Horatio and Jack, which he agreed to. She then told the officer that he looked about ten. Turns out he was 27. I left Mum there, flirting with the policeman and walked away, listening to them…

“What skin care routine do you use?”

“Nothing. I think it is just good genetics…”

And I am just glad that I have gotten hers.

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Wishing you and your kin a wonderful Christmas.

Thanks for your contributions and love this year.