Neighbours. Everybody needs good Neighbours.

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Did you know that the TV show Neighbours, just turned 30? So I must have just been born what it started…. (boom tish)

Do you remember when Angry Anderson sang “Suddenly” when Scott and Charlene finally walked down the aisle. Do you recall how Scott cracked the shits because Charlene already rooted someone else before him? And do you recall how everyone eventually moved to Queensland?

Neighbours. Everybody needs good neighbours. With a little understanding, you can find the perfect blend……

I have a plethora of experiences when it comes to neighbours. I have had the old lady who appeared nice at first, but who reported me to the department of whatever, saying a was running a sweatshop and employing illegal immigrants in my house, which turned out just to be my lovely cleaners, who happened to be Chinese.

I have had the nightmare of living next door to a house plagued by domestic violence, where I would call the cops on a Friday night when the drunk husband came home, full of rage.

I have lived next to a Greek family, where I would open all the windows of the house when they were cooking, and spent the day smelling deliciousness.

Most recently, and I mean yesterday, I met my new neighbour from across the road who moved in just last week. It wasn’t under the most ideal circumstances.

For you see I had gone to Huffy Puffy and had left my handbag inside, which contained my keys and phone. When I got home, I realised that I had locked myself out. No windows were opened and the only way in was the cat flap, which I think was a dog flap for a smallish dog. Let’s just say a cocker spaniel size. Normally Jack will just go through it and unlonk it, but he was at school.

I went out the front and saw the new neighbour playing with her kids in her front yard, and straight away I noticed her small stature. Short and slim. Maybe…. just maybe….

No, I couldn’t possibly ask….

Or could I?

I must have looked a sight, crossing the road in my pants of power, looking like an engorged beetroot. I introduced myself to her as the lady from across the street, and told her of my predicament, and then asked her is she was willing to crawl through the dog flap, and unlock the door for me.


And what a god neighbour she turned out to be. Shot though that dog flap like a well oiled seal.

And that s why good neighbours, become good friends.

How would you describe your neighbours?