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Try as I might, I cannot write a sexy post about energy. Simply put because it is not a sexy sell, but it is a necessity for everyday life. But if a company is trying its best not to piss me off, then I am all ears….

In October I was sitting in a meeting room at Origin Energy, listening to the team present some changes they have recently made to their business.

I went along because, well… they want to work with me, plus I was recovering from an exceedingly large power bill from the winter quarter because… well, I work from home and I HATE the cold. Loathe it. I had the heating on far too much, according to the old ball and chain, who would tell me to just put another jumper on.

Which doesn’t work at all, because this old house can sometimes be akin to living in an igloo. Even with a singlet, top, jumper and a cardy, it can still be cold.

It was also large because I had started a lusty affair with my new clothes dryer. But as usual, I digress.

There are a few things that piss me off about power companies. The first, of course, is when the bill arrives. That little transparent window that states your name and address on the front, and your fate inside. Also I LOATHE the cold calls. Especially when they come to my door when I have one hand making dinner and the other hand trying my best to explain to one of my kids what a synonym is.

“Hi my name is Bruce and I would like to talk to you about your energy needs…”

Well Bruce, I would like to switch on a light and forget about anything else… Of course until the bill comes and I deliver a speech to the family (in the dark) about how everyone needs to turn out the lights.

But, to be honest, I am the biggest culprit when it comes to energy use.

Hello my name is Mrs. Woog, and I wash the clothes in hot water. *Quell horror!*

I am spending about an extra $200 a year by washing my clothes in hot water, a practice that immediately ceased when this was explained to me. I mean, a hot wash or a hot pair of shoes? There is no competition.

But speaking of competition, over the course of the day I discovered a few things that Origin Energy was doing to stand out from the crowd.

First of all, they acknowledge that dealing with energy companies is not on the top of anyone’s favourite things to do list. A grudge purchase, if you will. .

They make no veiled attempt to disguise the fact. Instead they have listened to our complaints and have acted on many of the little things that annoy us.

The Bill

You can now opt to be billed monthly, fortnightly or even weekly, so you can avoid the quarterly heart attacks that I used to endure.

Bruce-type People

They have listened and have ceased all cold calling at home, whether that be door-to-door selling or the dreaded phone calls. No more. DONE.

No Residential Exit Fees

An absolute rage inducing practice. Just because you want to change companies, or your situation changes, they are going to slug you with fees? “Yeah, thanks for being a loyal customer, now give me more money…” Origin has ceased this practice for residential customers.

Extended Call Centre Hours

So you don’t have to spend your lunch hour on hold to sort out any issues.

Customer Service Hubs

A mobile service that gets around to both city and country towns to answer any questions you have about your bill, payment options that might be better for you and energy saving tips. Like not washing in hot water.

I came away from the meeting a little less naive about energy, and of course the big questions were asked, such as biodiversity management, sustainability and thoughts on Gina Reinhardt, of which could be discussed at a later time.

For more information about how Origin Energy are changing, please visit here.

Who was the latest unwanted visitor at your door?

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