Sad. Angry. Proud.

Like you, I woke this morning and for one split second felt nothing. And then I remembered.

My hand reached over for my phone and I took a deep breath before checking a news site. And then I was flooded with sadness at the news that 2 innocent people had died during the Sydney Siege.

All day yesterday I was glued to the news. I watched as brave, brave people escape The Lindt Cafe, running for their lives. You could see the despairĀ on their faces, and could only imagine what they had been witness to.

I sat in my sadness all day.

And then I got pretty fucking angry. Angry that one person could take other’s lives into his own hands. Angry for taking away the liberty of ordinary people, good people, who were just getting about their day.

I was furious at The Daily Telegraph for spreading fear and lies.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 7.04.41 am

It was not a Death Cult. It was a maniac acting alone, playing God with peoples lives, and ruining them in the process. Yes, pretty fucked off indeed. I know it doesn’t make me a good person, but I am pleased that he is dead.

After the anger, I grew grateful and proud. For the Police who worked tirelessly to try to have a better outcome.

And to the people of Sydney who see sense in what could be a very fractious time now, in the lead up to Christmas. If anyone wants to verbally or physically attack a muslim person, you are up against it.

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Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 7.15.20 am


The devastating events yesterday at The Lindt Cafe should not make you fearful Sydney, you glorious old Show Pony. Embrace the people as they walk your streets. Shed tears for the brave souls lost and give us the time we need to heal.

Feeling all the feelings today. You take care xxx