How to taste wine.

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Ok, so the Big Mac index was first published in The Economist in 1986, with the intention of showing the differing amount of hours around the world, which the average wage earner would have to work, to be able to buy a Big Mac Hamburger.

I have a different economy of scale, called the Villa Maria Index, in which I judge a bottle shop on it’s overall value, based on the price of a single bottle of the Sauvignon Blanc. The price point between stores is always wildly varied, but each month we order a couple of cases to be delivered by Dan Murphy’s, because they continually have the best price hands down.

I was quite happy with this arrangement.

But when Dan Murphy called (well, not him personally, but he is a real person) and asked me whether I wanted to actually come into the store, and taste some other savvy b’s I said… well not that much to be honest.

I was already out the door.

I went to their flagship store in Double Bay. I hadn’t actually been inside a Dan Murphy’s for a while, because lazy. I found my wine expert, a lovely French bloke called Guy, who was running some tastings of Sauvignon Blanc from different parts of the world.

Guy was explaining how you could go into any Dan Murphy’s and have a taste test on a variety of wines and liquor (click here for this weeks tastings )

We were having a lovely chat about wine when we were interrupted…

Someone wanted in on my tasting! My new gentleman companion made his way down the varieties that Guy had chosen. He was probably in his mid 70’s, was quite fancy and quite fancied himself as a wine fancier, which he probably was.

He swilled around the French offering and announced that it was “more than pleasant” before announcing that the South African wine indeed had “a lot of elegance.”

I was completely beside myself with glee at his turn of phrase, and decided to impress Guy with my own superlatives…

“It’s alright…”

“Like this one…”

“Nup” *spit out*

“Can I try that one again?”

“This is my favourite!”

“No, this is my favourite!!!”

I decided that this savvy b from Orange was my pick of the lot!

What was interesting was that after I tasted a few initially, Guy was able to guide me onto the wines that he could already tell I would prefer. He was a complete expert, having spent many decades in the wine industry.

We went on a tour of the store, with Guy pointing out all of the different sections and also the newly installed self-serve tastings.

Mr. Murphy himself implemented something called his Lowest Liquor Price Guarantee. Each morning prices are checked to make sure when you shop at Chateau De Dan, you will get the best value, the best bang for your buck, or more loot for your boot. (I totally made that last one up, and yes, they will deliver your purchase to your car!)

For more information on your nearest Dan Murphy’s store plus to check out all of the specials, please click here


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