The Top 5 and the worst one on WoogsWorld.

Do you want to know something funny about blogging?

You just can’t pick them. You cannot pick the posts that will resonate with people, will stir them up, make them share your work and take the time to comment. Sometimes I will really think hard and take a long time to craft a piece of writing and it will sink like a stone. And then there is the opposite. You bash out something in ten seconds flat and it goes viral.

You just cannot pick them, and I have given up trying to work out why.

But it is interesting to look back on the year and check out the posts that you guys liked the best, for whatever reason. I have a readership of about 40 thousand (smart and talented people), and a lot of them are in the Facebook Community, and we all talk and talk and talk, solving problems, sharing stories and having friendly disagreements. It is really nice to be able to facilitate such a cool community. Thanks for being a part of it! (And sorry Len that you were sent to Spankytown, but you were being a douchebag…)

So I thought today we would look back on the 5 posts that struck a cord with WoogsWorld readers.

Let us begin *delves into they scary back end stats page*

The top post of the year was a rant called White Bread Gate which I wrote in response to the growing hysteria about food, food movements and the complete bullshit that it has become.

Next up, it was a sad post that I wrote in response to the passing of my friend Charlotte Dawson. It is coming up to a year since she left us, and still I catch my breath when I realise that I will never see her again. You can read it here.

The third most read post was your classic mummy-blogger post about losing your shit and kicking your kids schoolbag fair across the house. This is blogging therapy at its finest. Click here.

The COMFY WOMFY movement romped in at number 4, which was a social commentary rant about how we women can be such bitches! Stop it already… because it is getting old.

And speaking of getting old, my observations about getting older comes in at number 5. Click here.

The least loved post? Here. Again I am not sure why it sat out there alone in cyberspace, but I can only imagine it was because it was when Barry O’Farrell resigned.

What sort of a self-indulgent blogger writes a post like this?

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 9.34.02 AM

This one.

Do you have a favourite from this year?

What do you like reading about here?