Celebrity Stench

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I was in the chemist today as I had to buy some sort of drug to dry up one of my offsprings constant snot issue that he is enduring at the moment. It was one of those Chemist Warehouses, that have everything on sale, stock everywhere and not a sales assistant to be seen. But they had rows and rows of perfumes, that were smacked with celebrity endorsements.

Did you know that Justin Bieber was a fragrance baron? So far he has released the following pongs.

  • Girlfriend
  • Next Girlfriend
  • Someday
  • Someday Limited Edition
  • Someday Summer Edition
  • The Key
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Someday I will make a perfume with a vagina on the lid.

It seems that you are not a true celebrity unless you have a fragrance, or like our own Kylie Minogue, you have TEN! Stinking up a treat is Brittany Spears, who offers up such stenches with names like Midnight Fantasy, Hidden Fantasy, Circus Fantasy, Island Fantasy and in a delicious ironic twist, the latest called….. FANTASY TWIST!

Many bloggers are now becoming celebrities in their own right. They are mainly fashion bloggers who are now so popular, they are bringing out their own lines of products. But I am going to put together a powerpoint presentation, wrangle a meeting with folks at CODY, and see what they think about my product idea.



Smellin of Woog is a powerful scent, perfect for women on the go. With top notes of espresso and sauvignon blanc, there is a subtle mix of Domestos and Rexona which commends attention. Says Mrs. Woog, “I just want to be able to complete with Lollypop Bling Splash Remix by Mariah Carey.”

With plans to package her product in a plain brown cask wine like receptacle, the price point of $3.45 will appeal to many. Smellin of Woog will be available in the cleaning isle of your local IGA.

Has anyone actually bought a celebrity scent?