On the hustings + where the best sausage sizzles are.

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You would have had to have been living under a rock not to notice that it is a very interesting political climate that we are living in. I am currently in Brisbane, where there is no escaping the fact that there hotly contested State Election is nigh. House after house boasts posters of their preferred candidates, giving a wonderful canvas for locals, some of whom are really pissed off.

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Who would be a politician?

I watched Campbell as he was interviewed this morning on TV, and damn near fell off the couch when he said…

“I have a plan. It is called THE QUEENSLAND PLAN.” I was hugely relieved. I mean, he could have called it anything.

And then you have his opponent, the exotically name Annastacia Palaszczuk, who said she didn’t know how much we pay in GST. She later admitted she had a brain freeze. I totally get this because sometimes I will type a word and look at it for a while, thinking “Is that how I actually spell that?” It is normally a word like… would, or those.

And then there is the word HUSTINGS. When I hear the phrase ON THE HUSTINGS I think that there is actually something called a HUSTING, on which politicians get onto. But it just means getting around your electorate, kissing babies.

Tomorrow I shall don a soft pant and head to the Paddington Senior Citizens Centre for morning tea, as word on the street is that they supply superior baked goods. And then I will make my way over to the hot seat of Ashgrove, as I am told that their sausage sizzle is the shiz.

If you are in Queensland tomorrow, you might want to avail yourself to this website, which shows what polling booths will have sausage sizzles. I know. I know. You are welcome.

So let’s cut through the bullshit Queenslanders!

Who do want as your Premier? Is that how you spell it?

And are you planning to make a little piggy of yourself tomorrow?