Name something that you empty.

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“Can someone please come and empty the bin?” is the song I sing each afternoon as I cram yet another piece of garbage into the kitchen receptacle.

Some time will pass and I will yet again go to put something in the bin.

“Can someone please come and empty the bin?”


I pull the bulging bin liner out of the plastic bucket and carefully tie the top as to not let any bin juice escape onto the floor. I walk to the back door, almost tripping over the cat who at this time of the afternoon is demanding to be fed, and be fed like 6 seconds ago. He is practically screaming at me.

“Can someone please feed the cat?”


I return from the outside bin, where I have shoved the bag of crap onto the other stinking piles of crap, and push it down hard, so that a waft of stench pong spurts up into my eyes, making them water and burning my nostril hairs. I retreat back into the house, am met by cat who is now completely out of his brain, and feed him. I replace the bin liner and chuck in the empty tin.

And the process starts again.

Sometimes I think my whole life revolves around emptying things. Here is a list of things that I empty.

  • the bin
  • the dishwasher
  • school bags
  • inbox
  • fuel tank
  • dryer
  • bags in general
  • letter box
  • bladder
  • thoughts
  • guts (when unwell)

Do you get what I mean? I spend an extraordinary amount of time emptying things, and then just turn around on a dime, and start to fill them up. So I ask you, in family feud style.