One Summer.

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Oh lord you must be so sick of me blogging from the beach! My endless summer, however is coming to an end due to some work commitments  next week. Tune in to ABC 702 on Sunday Night at 8.30, because GOOOOOOD EVENNNNING AAAUUUSTTTRALIAAAAA!

But back to the beach.

Particularly spectacular people watching today, all helped by magnificent conditions.

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Beach attire can be so stylish when done right. There were two particularly gorgeous items that I spied, so naturally I asked their owners where they came from.

This swimsuit was from Camilla and Marc, on sale. But only skinny sizes left.


And then this lovely lady walked passed in THIS and I asked her where she got it from. Her husband wanted to know if I wanted to know where he got his t-shirt from, so I said yes. And he beamed and told me it was from K-Mart.

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Meanwhile Nikki from Styling You chose to go naked…. The saucy minx!

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And resume the position….

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One of the wonderful things that has happened is that I have got to meet heaps of readers! Here is me and Steph down the pub….

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So I think there is 3 ish weeks left of school holidays, and I am going to make the most of every mundane minute, because all of a sudden you are going to wake up and look at lunch boxes and say “What the actual fuck!”

How are you travelling this summer?

Do you ever ask anyone where they got something from?