Practicing the Art of Patience.

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At the beginning of the year, one evening during dinner, I announced to my family that my word of the year was PATIENCE. I was going to practice the art of patience more effectively, as impatience is an intrinsically damaging state of mind to be in, and in turn drives me into stress land, which is the first stop to the highway to my anxiety hell.

I am not totally impatient by design, but there are a few things that can raise my stress levels.

I watched as they all looked at each other, and took it in.

As the month went on, I would be pulled up by one of them on occasion.

“Remember, patience Mum?” Would be offered when they could see that my tolerance levels start to rise. And so I would check myself, take a deep breath and take a step back. I knew I had those kids for a reason. To remind me of my wayward ways.

But Christ on a Cracker there is one thing that pisses me off, no matter how much I try to control it. You see, I am a purposeful walker. I do not dig dawdlers. And yesterday I came face to face with a thousand dawdlers who, like me, were doing some errands at the shopping centre.

You know how when you watch the horse races, if indeed you do, and you see them all come around the bend on a bunched up group before they try to see a gap to race through? That was me yesterday when I found myself in the middle of a giant pack of slow walking, slack-jawed shoppers who were moving at a snail’s pace, while looking up and sideways at their surroundings. I kept trying to spy a gap, and would identify an opening about a millisecond before that person would stop, to admire a bit of fluff on the floor or something as exciting as that. I ran the risk of trying to break through the opening, but also ran the risk of being that dreadful person known as a “Barger”.

A barger is the ultimate purposeful walker, and as much as I hate being caught up in the pack, I would never resort to such arrogant practices.

So yesterday, in that 45 seconds of inconvenience, I practiced my patience and hang back in the pack, only to break free when a small group wheeled off into Kikki K. It was only then that I was able to pick up the pace and get the kids into Just Cuts, where the line was long.┬áBut being the patient person that I am now, I didn’t mind the wait.

Are you quick to crack or are you a little more chilled out?

Why do people dawdle?