Do you suffer from katsaridphobia?

Brought to you by Mortein Rapid Kill


Picture this.

You wake up in the middle of the night and require a glass of water. Quietly, as not to wake anyone, you tip toe to the kitchen where you turn on the light.

Such an action has startled a couple of large, glossy cockroaches, who were just trying to get about their evening and are scavenging for food.


  1. Ignore them.
  2. Freak out a bit.
  3. Stand there and scream and scream, slam the door and run into your bedroom, cover your head with a doona and chant a soothing mantra?

If you have nominated C, then there is a slight chance that you are suffering from Katsaridphobia, which is a real and extreme phobia of cockroaches.

Why do so many of us suffer from katsaridphobia? Well, we need to go back to your childhood; where there was a big chance you witnessed your Mum, or another adult, freak the freak out at the sight of one. Yes, we have been programmed to fear them!

I mean, we don’t scream and carry on when we see a fly buzz by, or hear the attacking hum of a mosquito, WHICH ACTUALLY WANTS TO HURT YOU! But there is something so sneaky and germ carrying about cockies, that we have a tendency to go overboard when faced with their presence.

There are a few simple things that you can do to try and encourage cockroaches to just walk on by your place.

  • Empty your bins regularly. The little festers eat just about anything.
  • Seal up any obvious cracks around doors and windows.
  • NEVER leave food out. That should be just standard practice anyway.
  • Sweep and/or vacuum floors regularly
  • Clean bench tops.

None of this was obvious back in the 1870’s when German Immigrant J. Hagemann just about cracked the shits with the epic and persistent variety of insects that Australia had to offer. With the help of his French born wife, he concocted a powder from crushed up chrysanthemums, thus inventing the first version of Mortein. The name derived from the French word MORT, meaning dead, and EIN, meaning one. Dead One.

There. Don’t say I never teach you anything!

One of the common misconceptions when dealing with the dreaded cockie is that you have to empty the entire can of cockroach spray to render it deceased. It is simply not true. With Mortein Rapid Kill, one small spray will wipe out cockroaches and their eggs, and will also cover off your ants, fleas, silverfish and spiders.

Me? I do not like cockroaches one little bit, but I am not at that point where I have heart palpitations when I see one. Sure, I do not LOVE it when the scuttle out from underneath my dishwasher when I open it, and yes. I am not thrilled to see them going about their day when I am in the shower. But the fact is that those little (and sometimes BIG) bastards give me enough of a rattle to keep a can on hand.

I also use Mortein Lure and Kill baits around the house, to get the roaches that I cannot see. But sometimes I will be working, or sitting reading, or anything and I will see a cockroach stumbling around like he has just chugged a beer, as a result of the bait, and SPRAY. RIP you filthy vermin.

BUT MAY I JUST SAY THAT I CANNOT KILL A SPIDER! I am brave, and transfer them to the garden. I am particularly fond of the old Daddy Long Legs. But that is just me.

So just who are these sufferers of katsaridphobia? Check out real life reactions here.

 What about you?

Where do you sit on the scale of FREAKOUT-DOM?