Blinis and Catfights


I am not usually one for gossip. Nor does it seem telling the truth! But there is a yarn going around the north shore that is just to ridiculous and juicy not to share. It is right out of a Liane Moriaty book.

It is the result of that stupid old argument about Working Mums V. Stay at home Mums.

The incident took place at a Private Party in a Private House for parents of a particular Private school that starts with P.

It would seem that two particular ladies had a dislike for one another, and over some smoked salmon blinis, verbalised their dislike by using the following jibes.

“You wouldn’t know anything about what your kids do, because you are never around!”

To which was replied with…

“What would you know. You just bake all day…”

And then my friends, according to witnesses…. IN WAS ON! I can imagine the perfectly manicured nails were out with full gusto as the verbal slanging match turned physical. And stepping in to defend their womenfolk, the husbands of these two decided to join in the frey and started belting the bejesus out of each other.

I am totally moving in the wrong circles. I get together with some mates, and we might have some champers, laugh a lot and talk about feelings. We accept each other and the paths that we have chosen and we would never judge someone on their daily pursuits. The only time things might ever get physical might be an arm wrestle to test out bicep strengths, or wrapping our arms around each others shoulders as we attempt to dance the Zorba.

Heard any good gossip lately?