My Dream Car

Sponsored by Toyota

When I was a kid there were a few things that brought me complete joy. One was animals, of all descriptions. One was exploring the big wide world on my bike. And perhaps the one that sticks out in my mind was the hours that I used to spend drawing.

I was encouraged to draw, and now I know why. Peace is gifted to the parents of those inclined to participate in drawing. And sure, you end up with masses of artwork, but the peace and quiet? Oh so worth it.

Recently I was the benefactor of such quiet when I got my kids to enter the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest. Do you remember when Homer got to design his dream car, resulting in the closure of Powell Motors in Detroit?

Untitled“Some things are so snazzy that they never go out of style, like tail fins and bubble domes. And shag carpeting!”

Well, the Toyota Dream Car Art Competition is a little like that and gives you the chance to win some fantastic prizes.

I am unfortunately not able to enter due to my age, but there are three age categories for kids, those being Under 8, 8-11 and 12-15 years old.

BUT if I were to enter, mine would look something like this.


And in yellow of course, so we can get screamed at as we drive around… SPOTTO! I particularly like the tap and go feature for any drive-through experiences one might encounter, and of course to pay for any parking. I always manage to drop mine down the side of the car at the crucial time, causing angst to those behind me.

Horatio’s entry is a sheer testament to testosterone.


While Jack’s had an element of brand loyalty and an enthusiastic use of exclamation points!!!


After assessing our work I think it is fair to say that the YOU HAVE A BETTER CHANCE AT WINNING THIS CONTEST. There are many great prizes up for grabs, including a chance to win a trip to the Toyota World Contest in August, as well as iPod Touches, iPad Minis and iPad Airs.

To enter, you just need to get your kids creating what they think would be the perfect car. Have a little chat before you whack out the pencils, and brainstorm some ideas. Then print out this form, and make sure that your entries are in by 13th March 2015.


So, do you think your kids are up for the challenge?

As a kid, did you dig drawing?