The Grown Up Tantrum

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Last week I chucked a tantrum. You see I was in Melbourne, it had been a very long day and I was anxious to get back home to see the kids. (I am not sure why, because as soon as I actually DID get home, they just glanced up from the television and asked me if I bought them a present.)

Anyway, the project I was working on wrapped much earlier than was expected, so I high tailed it out of there to see whether I could get on an earlier flight. I am not one to normally change flights because I don’t want the be THAT person that reporters say…

“In an unfortunate incident, she changed her flights and boarded the doomed plane…”

Airports, like car parks, are breeding grounds for tantrums. People are tired and just want to get to where they want to go. So I printed out my boarding pass and took it to the sales counter. Eventually I got to the top of the queue and politely asked if I could get on an earlier flight. The man behind the counter started tippity tapping away at the screen, making encouraging noises, before announcing that I could get on the flight that was due to board in ten minutes.

Well I was completely delighted!

“That will be $640…” he said.

Do you know that feeling that you get the second that you are about to burst into hysterical sobs? Your eyes start to tickle. Turns out I had a ticket that was non transferable. I kind of mumbled something and slid away and promptly let those tears run free! I had an inner medium-sized tantrum to myself. My fatigue took over, fighting its place alongside an elevated level of anxiety.

What the fuck was I going to do for 3 and a half hours?

And like you should do with all tantrums, I started to ignore it. I surprised myself when the logical side of my brain started to kick in. Eventually I got myself in the zen zone, and told myself that nothing can be done so why make a bad situation worse. Nothing can be done.

So I gathered myself together, washed my face in the dunnys and made my way to the nearest bar, where I was delighted to discover that they sold wine in both a regular size, or a supersize. I will leave it up to you to decide, which size I ordered.

Have you ever chucked a tantrum? Tell me all about it…..