How do you manage all the stuff?

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Do you ever think that your sole purpose in life is to pick up after other people? Do you ever have to hold in small, intrinsic bouts of rage as you spy thoughtlessly placed items around the house? Do you live in a den of fest like I seem to do, despite my best efforts?

Welcome to my world people! Welcome to my world…

Today we shall set out to explore the common phenomenon that is a national disgrace, that being leaving your shit everywhere so someone else can be mildly inconvenienced. I have just come back from a tour of the house (which took me a taxing 23 seconds) and let me tell you, it ain’t pretty. Pyjamas on the couch, cups in bedrooms, towels absolutely everywhere except on racks in the bathroom. Plates on the table, jam with lid carefully left of it, biding its time on the bench-top. THE FUCKING MEADOW LEA THAT IS ALWAYS OUT BECAUSE MAKE A SANDWICH AND LEAVE ALL THE THINGS OUT BECAUSE I AM YOUR SLAVE AND WILL CLEAN IT UP AFTER YOU…..

See this family?

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They are deliriously happy because I suspect that they all take responsibility for their own shit. That Dad always puts away the things after he makes a sandwich which pleases his wife no end, as it isn’t her job to pick up after a grown man.  In turn, she has plenty of free time on her hands, and spends this time in the sack with her beloved. The kids are happy because their Mum isn’t walking around the house with a big black garbage bag, threatening to throw anything out that even looks like it might be on the floor.

I thought I had a solution, but it was unsustainable.

Despite living in a modest house with modest possessions, the amount of crap that accumulates is MINDBLOWING and can cause small bouts of gloom, which can snowball into larger fits of rage, until all of a sudden you are outpouring your grief onto a keyboard, in a really boring blog post. And it is with that thought I will leave you. To go, and put shit away.

You.. Yes, you! How do you manage all the stuff?

Is there a tip you care to share, because friends, I am drowning!